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  1. GAs in Vegas.

    Was able to buy 2 GA's LasVegas2 in today City Presale after 1 hour of clicking CONTINUE (not available tickets) yes after one hour trying !!!
  2. Holy crap... No GA?

    I think the same if we look dates between each city, looks like there will be more dates added like the past Innocense and Experience tour !! Wait your codes there's no reason to buy anything expensive or in different location !
  3. No Innocence seats for LA show?

  4. Required to renew early to get code???

    I had used all 4 presale Joshua Tree code and had renewed this month, so I verified the account with TM was green ok, but no e-mail or SMS Text for presale info or instructions. Any help ?
  5. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Max what is the correct way to setup MX mobile phone 044 55 XX XX XX XX 044 1 55 XX XX XX XX
  6. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Is there any way to validate and check that SMS's are sending right to the phone ? before Nov 13. Like a test message !!
  7. U2 from last show on June 11, 2017 at Hard Rock Stadium Miami, Florida. !! Photos by: @fotografomx / Victor Chavez
  8. GA Line Hard Rock Stadium

    Any update guys ? What time are you going to be tomorrow in line ?
  9. getting back to south Beach after gig

    I already paid for the parking for the Hard Rock Stadium LOL !! Anyone a ride from SOBE to the stadium and back ?
  10. GA Line Hard Rock Stadium

    @BarretoA thanks budy for the heads up on the weather for the people that we are coming to the show !! Hope to see you there !!
  11. Bring your ponchos! Rain ... Rain... Rain

    Coming from Mexico City Thanks for let us know !!! Let me buy one !!
  12. GA Line Hard Rock Stadium

    Is it worth checking a night before If people is giving numbers ? I arrive on June 10 in the night !!