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  1. U2 from last show on June 11, 2017 at Hard Rock Stadium Miami, Florida. !! Photos by: @fotografomx / Victor Chavez
  2. GA Line Hard Rock Stadium

    Any update guys ? What time are you going to be tomorrow in line ?
  3. getting back to south Beach after gig

    I already paid for the parking for the Hard Rock Stadium LOL !! Anyone a ride from SOBE to the stadium and back ?
  4. GA Line Hard Rock Stadium

    @BarretoA thanks budy for the heads up on the weather for the people that we are coming to the show !! Hope to see you there !!
  5. Bring your ponchos! Rain ... Rain... Rain

    Coming from Mexico City Thanks for let us know !!! Let me buy one !!
  6. GA Line Hard Rock Stadium

    Is it worth checking a night before If people is giving numbers ? I arrive on June 10 in the night !!
  7. getting back to south Beach after gig

    Hi people I'm traveling alone, maybe sharing an Uber and split the cost between all that go to the zone ? I'm staying in the Miami Beach area !!
  8. Max one more question for Mexico City the prices are listed like this, just wondering what's the difference between - Pista Golden: $2,550 and Pista general: $2,550 ? Pista Golden: $2,550 Pista general: $2,550 Verde A: $4,500 Naranja A: $2,550 Verde B: $1,450 Naranja B: $980 Verde C: $650 Naranja C: $400
  9. I don't see my presale code anymore and I only purchased 2 tickets only from the first JT Tour !! I still have 2 available isnt ?
  10. Is anyone doing the trip from Miami to Tampa show, we can split travel cost gas and extras. Or I rent a car and split costs !! Thinking in moving a day before May 13. Let me know !
  11. Miami Hotel?

    I'm staying at the Miami Rock Hostel for the price its really cheap, between $18 and $22 dollars the night shared bedroom !!
  12. No wristbands early in the morning like IE tour ? It was a great idea so we dont have to be all day in line !!! Could they go back ??
  13. Is there anyone doing the Miami and Tampa combo ? I'm doing it and maybe we can split trip- car costs also going back on the 15 early because my flight is in the night !! Let me know.
  14. Multiple shows - who's going? (MERGED)

    The Miami - Tampa combo baby !!!