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  1. Nice one, thanks Max! I did have 8pm in my head but I couldn't remember where that came from or if I was thinking back to Innocence.
  2. So with no support act, what time are the boys due on? Thanks!
  3. I really had hoped for a Scottish show to be announced in the latest round of updates, but not even a rumour of anything.
  4. Still hoping for a Scottish show, my son wants to go see them, would be his first time, On the Simple Minds subject, their new album is getting some really good reviews, looks like they are continuing this late career burst of form, a bit of a renaissance.
  5. Stupid question of the day..... Is there a way to download a general Ticketmaster app for phones which isn't region specific? The UK app for iOS will (obviously) only let me book for UK shows.
  6. The problem is that I preordered the album through the U2.com site whilst signed in to my account which is linked to an email address I’ve had for circa 10 years. I received no order updates for it and only after a lot of time talking with Live Nation did they confirm the order was showing against an email address I no longer have access to which i stopped using 10+ years ago. I have no idea how it’s on any system but they say they can’t change it, it has to be the folks at u2.com. But it’s not showing anywhere on my profile here. So I don’t think I’ll get that code. As to the dates, the gaps in the schedules would lead us to think there will be further dates announced. But will there be a Scottish date? Nobody knows, so I guess it’s London time again!
  7. For some reason, although my account on here is setup to my correct email address, my pre-order for SOE is linked to an email address I've not used for circa 10 years. Live Nation customer services say they can't change it. So I'm guessing I'm not going to be able to get that code. Any idea who can look in to that please?
  8. They go on sale in two days time so I'm hoping we'd get our codes today or tomorrow, otherwise its a bit pointless! No show for Scotland this time round and we're also looking to go as a family for the first time so I guess it will be a punt on two tickets in presale for one of the English dates and try to get two more in the public sale.
  9. I'm based in the UK but renewed anyway and set things up as per instructions. I then received a code for the US shows but in the Innocence sales group - I should be Experience. I've used the link to report it but have heard nothing back - is there any way to find out what's going on as hopefully if there's European shows I'd like to be in the right group.
  10. *sigh* So with all of this going on, I get that familiar feeling of inevitability as tickets already pop up on third party ticketing websites going for way above face value. The bands really don’t seem to be serious about stamping this out, I fail to believe they can’t do something about it, especially those like U2 who have the power to push for change.
  11. Thanks for a quick and easy transaction Paul, enjoy the show!
  12. Thanks Paul, they're yours. Do you want to send me your details in a private message and we can get things sorted?
  13. We can no longer make it to Dublin for the show, so I am looking to sell our two GA tickets. As per the pic, they are the collectors tickets and I have them in-hand. I'm obviously just looking for the face value and cost of postage to the seller. I'd recommend we use a tracked and insured service like Royal Mail Special Delivery which will only add £6 or so. Please post here with any questions. Seat location: section PITCH1Total Charge: €180.55
  14. Pitch 1 for us, flying over from Scotland to see them in Dublin for the second time.
  15. Thanks for confirming. I guess that's part of them trying to control resale of tickets, but given there's already loads up on the usual websites I don't know if there's any point to this.
  16. This confused me, I saw it listed as an optional extra on the first screen and to be honest, the idea of a physical ticket of some sort appeals, but it had automatically added them to the cart anyway so I just went with it. I'm assuming all you need to take with you is the laminated ticket as it has the barcode on it.
  17. Surely The Sweetest Thing is in with a chance given it started as a B side and gave them one of their biggest hits when it was released in support of the greatest hits album? I could see Desire as an opener, with a video-screen buildup along the lines of the Hollywood remix but focusing on recent political events obviously.
  18. Another subscriber benefit, we are putting them all online, one by one - latest if from Joshua Tree 1.0 days http://www.u2.com/news/title/more-propaganda-for-u2com-subscribers/news/ The wording of that makes me feel very old as I've got all my Propaganda back issues stashed away in the loft. The issue about the recording of Achtung Baby was very exciting at the time.
  19. We're looking to take our kids for the first time so needed four seating tickets for any London or Glasgow dates which ruled out the pre-sale. Been on today but no luck at all unfortunately unless i want to pay the prices from GetMeIn or the other ticket sites which seem to have already snapped up loads. Very frustrating and will be the first tour I've not seen them on since JT.
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