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  1. Hi! I didn't resub after the NA shows, I used my max number of presale codes, and yet...I still got a new code. Am I taking a risk by using it for Dublin?
  2. I pulled my GA for DC with no problem by 10:01am on Monday’s (experience) presale on my phone. It’s the first one I went for (home show!). I think I’m the sole person who had no problem pulling GAs for all my shows in these presales. I even pulled my MSG GA this morning for Citi. I had no idea until afterward that everyone else had such a rough time! So who is going to be in the crowd with me? Like 6 fans and 1,000 politicians? Oh Good Lord no.
  3. Finally...I downloaded the freaking phone app for TM and got my GAs. What a mess. Terrible.
  4. I made it to the final screen and submitted my order. Internal Error. I submitted, so they are technically mine. Gonna have fun with TM on this one
  5. I refreshed, restarted, deleted cookies and browser history, all of that. My code still won't work. I'm at a loss.
  6. Yes...same here to all. So now what do we do???
  7. I got the internal error from Ticketmaster and have screen shots of the whole thing. What a mess. Help!
  8. My Account Info has nothing about how long I've been a member or what presale group I'm in. Just that I'm a subscriber and my account is active. I just renewed my membership a month ago. What gives? I should be in the Experience group. No emails yet here in DC as well if they've been sent.
  9. I have a question. I just renewed my subscription on Nov. 11th. I am a long-time member, since the old Prop days prior to U2.com. My Zootopia profile says I've been a member since 2009, which is incorrect, but I'm not nitpicking... However, nowhere on my Account Info page is there anything about what presale group I'm in. I realize the codes haven't been emailed yet, but shouldn't my group be showing on the Account Info page? Shouldn't it note that I'm in the first group somewhere as it states in the FAQ? I have refreshed, cleared cookies/browsers, restarted, logged out, logged in, called them (verified I was a paid subscriber this morning, but it was renewed as a 2013/2014 account, and the Live Nation lady noted it should be 2014/2015 since they announced that 9 days later). Regardless, I'm still not seeing anything on my Account Info page. I have sent Help requests and can no longer get through the help line. Any suggestions here? Should I just relax and wait for the presale code to be emailed, despite the fact nothing is showing in my Account Info (it won't even show me as online right now)? Thanks! Any assistance would be super helpful. -Christi
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