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  1. Anam

    Sunday Times interview

    The key thing for any artist is what is left to say. Having devoted the best part of the decade to these records, you'd imagine that some downtime was in order. I loved the times article, plus the journalist's own edit on her site. Great pics too.
  2. Anam

    U2 MTV Presents

    Thinking about this show today. Loved it. Still very grateful to Redpanda27 for the opportunity.
  3. Anam

    Tulsa Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I think it's brilliant that in 2018, U2 have the balls go to the heart of America, not play anything off The Joshua Tree and pull it off. Very impressed.
  4. Anam 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Totally get that. I love the vinyl but one of the first things I'll do is get UHQ FLAC rips off the vinyl for the car. What I would say about the mp3s on is that they are proper 320kbps versions. I really struggle to determine any difference between 320 and 16-bit FLAC. But l'd always pick the lossless to be on the safe side. Hopefully will post the best available quality.
  5. Anam 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Thanks buddy. I've had that handle years now. Catchier than the real name! MacCurtain Street was a home from home. Can trace nearly all my early U2 vinyl to Leeside, and every cassette bootleg to the place upstairs on Bridge St, over what became Vibes & Scribes. Happier times. I got my U23D dance mixes down the back of Crowleys I think. It's ropey now though.
  6. Anam 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    It's not rare but it is a bit pricey, and from what I've seen in record shops and fairs very rare in good condition. There are HQ lossless rips doing the rounds, but speaking as a collector, I'd much rather a new copy of my own. The remixes themselves are excellent with unique vocal tracks and extra production compared to the edited releases on the singles. I'd agree with previous comments that some remixes fail to hit the mark, but there have, to be fair, been superb - and popular - remixes down the years. I'm very pleased with this I must say, and would be glad to join the queue if it was an RSD or Black Friday release. To have it land on the doorstep is cool as have most of the gifts, barring those bad businesses with the card-shaped metal keyring and the litho-wallpapery things. On a separate note CorkVegan, you'll know this I suppose, but Record Zone in Douglas has a great line on U2 vinyl. Costs me a fortune everytime I'm home!
  7. Anam 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    To clarify, is the $85 sub for the 3D mixes (love it btw) and the JT singles? Assuming so, but not specified. Asking for a pal who wants to be sure.
  8. Anam

    What's the word on a DVD for JT17?

    This will be a down-time release I'd say with all that's coming over the new 12 months. Might be a few years before we get to see it, like Slane.
  9. Anam

    U2 at the BBC

    This is the site, but that show isn't listed:
  10. Anam

    U2 MTV Presents

    Great gig. Hoarse now! Let the record show that redpanda27 is a complete legend. So, so grateful!
  11. I was a huge REM fan and I think their case was slightly different. After Bill Berry left the spell was broken and they struggled to keep the magic alive. Their last four records never quite hit the heights of pre-1996 and the remaining members had other projects they wanted to pursue. I can't imagine Larry Mullen driving a tractor just yet! Frankly, I think U2 love performing together more and they are a much better band now than REM were at the end. The idea of U2 'doing an REM' fills me with dread, particularly since they are still making great music. You have to leave age out of it; all the decent rockers are getting on now. The Stones are magnificent now and more power to them ; Mick gives hope to us all! So, with the greatest of respect for your view jreed, I am in wholehearted disagreement with you! I will gladly trot along to see U2 in their 60s, 70s, 80s. Johnny Cash did it with style, Leonard Cohen did it, Bowie did it, BB King... All the greats. And U2 are great.
  12. Anam

    U2 MTV Presents

    Rumour has it that London postcodes had the inside line. That's fair enough. I feel sorry for all of you successful applicants missing the Ireland matches!
  13. Anam

    U2 MTV Presents

    I've heard from a few who got the 'superfan' tickets. They are pleasantly surprised.
  14. Anam

    U2 MTV Presents

    Crickey, the money that I've put in down the years, Bono should be playing in my living room. Nay, seranading me on my lap! I've invested so much, I could have got in on the ground floor of the Lithuanian retail sector! But a draw is a draw, and assuming it was fair, I'm happy to take that on the chin. Hopefully there'll be some new faces at the front of house and not the usual crew. That said, if anyone in the feted inner circle needs a plus one, a tall, silvering Corkman is happy to oblige!
  15. Anam

    U2 MTV Presents

    This seemed to be a Ticketmaster-led ballot so you'd imagine that they have the technology to make sure that this wouldn't happen. Still keeping a candle going for any tickets not being taken up. Of course, there is always the option of 50,000 of us just showing up out of the blue...