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  1. daviddevaul

    Unused subscriber codes/additional dates

    But what of original unused code vs receiving an updated code, John? Should I expect a txt tmw AM or am I good to move forward with the code I received ahead of the first round of subscriber onsales? Typically it has been original code, but with the VF component this tour, I didn't want to simply assume. Thanks!
  2. daviddevaul

    Unused subscriber codes/additional dates

    Yes, separate presales for Experience and Innocence for additional shows.
  3. I'm assuming the codes we originally received for either Experience or Innocence level presales are still good if not completely used (unused code or only used code to buy 1 ticket) and that we won't be receiving a revised code to replace them this week ahead of the Exp/Inno presale. Mods, please advise.
  4. daviddevaul

    Citicard presale successes?

    Pulled 4 GA in Long Island.
  5. There were 3 priority levels for 360. No reason they couldn't have kept the same - tier 1 for longest term subscribers [whatever the 1st group was called for that tour], tier 2 dating back to the previous tour's renewals, tier 3 for newest sign-ons. Tier 2 would gain people each tour if they kept up with subscriptions and Tier 1 would continue to be rewarded.
  6. daviddevaul

    Solution for GA? Red Zone/Wires/Public admission

    Pearl Jam gives priority access of tickets based on seniority and/or fanclub-only presale lottery. Their GA pits at arenas are fanclub only. I see no issue with this. $40/year is not that big of a deal. I can't see too many tours after this for U2, so it's either too late or about damn time to institute some priority entrance, etc.
  7. daviddevaul

    Collector Tickets Arrived?

    Still miffed us US attendees get jack crap with regard to a stub. I would've gladly paid for a Collector's Ticket option.
  8. Typical scenario now is cancelling credit card and mailing it to buyer to swipe in.
  9. daviddevaul

    pa system never loud enough

    I bring mine to every show I attend. Don't always wear them, but they're always ready.
  10. daviddevaul

    Obstructed View Section 126?

    Either the mixing area is going to be towards the back of the floor or they're going to put it into the stands like i+e. I've sat in 126 for a few Giants games and you should be up off the floor enough to see over a mixing tent. They were selling the front row of the back-of-stadium seats, which has me thinking the mixing area will be less tall than on 360. On 360, they mostly avoided selling seats that were blocked by the mixing tent:
  11. daviddevaul

    pa system never loud enough

    I thought I+e was the loudest tour they've put on in awhile, and that was just from the floor and lower bowl. I spoke to people who sat higher up in the arena (and thus closer to the speaker arrays) and they said it was painful at times.
  12. daviddevaul

    Multiple Access codes at same address/credit card #

    Speaking from experience, I've never been ID'd at entry, only at a will-call window.
  13. daviddevaul

    Commemerative Ticket

    It's something that they could order as their ticket in Europe. Unfortunately, we do not have them here in the States, that I know of. Any way to move that request "up the chain"?