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  1. I was able to get two GA tickets within 5 minutes of the presale. Was pretty simple. Only wished they allowed us to get more then 2 as us older fans have kids and families would would also like to go. Was fortunate to be able to bring each of my sons to each JT show in Jersey this past summer. Also got GA for both shows via the presale. Great time!!
  2. I will be there but not in the Red Zone. I have GA for both nights.
  3. I am still having problems getting in. I have tried to refresh and clear and still can not get anything. Also tried app with no success. HELP!!!!!!
  4. Have been a member for many years but will forgo this renewal year as I am not happy with the gift that they are offering, not to mention, the seats that I had purchased though the fan club for the past 2-3 tours have been horrible. Bring back the option of better seats are a decent price and more music gifts. All of the books and photo collections area waist and collect dust. I want Live music or collections of B-sides etc!!!! Good bye U2.com!!!
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