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  1. ballardmama

    Uncasville Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I had GA last night, what a great show! I saw a few shows on this tour and last night was a special one. Arrived at 1:30 and got #87! The venue was really organized, I appreciated the wristbands which allowed us to return at 5:30. Great staff! We were able to stay in the casino mall all afternoon, such a welcome change from the Newark and MSG heat. The venue was small, so the catwalk was shortened to fit and the arena felt cozy. There were waiters that brought us drinks and vendors selling tour programs on the floor so you didn’t necessarily have to leave. R cups sold the usual drink tumblers but they also sold wine in clear short tour wine glasses, for the same $3 rental price. Made fun souvenirs. I plan to raise my glass when I watch the European tour on periscope. Overall, the crowd seemed like there were more casual fans. I met mainly locals who this was their only show of the tour. Many were surprised to hear I was there from the NW. During songs like Gloria, few folks in my corner near the front we’re bouncing. People seemed to really enjoy it, but generally were more subdued. When the band was on the E stage so many people moved down there that there was tons of open floor space in the front/middle and even bits of open rail. I thought the floor seemed a lot less crowded than usual, which was odd since so many people weren’t able to get their hands on GA tickets. It made for a very friendly, relaxed GA experience. Overall, a great crowd. It was special watching the crew and band seeming to be so happy and enjoying their last night in N America together. The crew who are usually all business were smiling more, chatting with each other a bit, and taking photos with their phones at the end. There was just a lot of joy all around. Thanks to all who periscoped, audio streamed, posted pics and reviews, and to the hard working Mods. Thanks U2 crew, Adam, Edge, Larry and Bono. What a ride! Europe.....tag! You’re up next!!
  2. My husband is in the bottom left photo, black tank with white stripes. It was melting hot then, not looking forward to the 4pm line up.
  3. I was just listening to the U2 XM channel and an ad ran announcing that the channel has been extended through July. I was crossing my fingers for an extension. Woo hoo!!
  4. Just played AOH in my car. Just got the “your call can’t go through at this time” at every attempt. Hey about giving tix to the folks who have the highest amount of time spent listening to the U2 channel over the last week. I’m sure they track what subscribers are listening to. I think there are quite a few of us here. ? Here’s to clinging to hope today.
  5. It rang but never got through. Sigh.
  6. Played early this AM and then about an hour ago. Haven’t gotten through on any attempts.
  7. Seems like the last couple days they’ve been playing it before 6am West coast time. Sigh.
  8. After listening for the last three days and hearing such deep cuts, I’m curious who’s choosing the songs. Clearly it’s someone who knows their stuff! XM has extended some of their limited run channels, like Prince and Billy Joel awhile back. Hopefully there will be demand to keep this running past one month.
  9. They played it around 1pm PST. I have tried to call in a few times but never get through. Man, I’d give anything to see this show. But what AWESOME songs they’ve been playing. My kids are sick of me saying “I can’t believe they’re playing THIS!” Why has this never been a permanent XM channel? Incredible three days.
  10. ballardmama

    Mini golf with U2 and the winner is:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Great to hear that a couple of true fans got to enjoy this great experience. You’re the kind of folks I always hope win those Omaze contests.
  11. ballardmama

    Las Vegas Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I’m still walking around, can’t find any sign of the GA sign up. Has anyone seen anything?
  12. ballardmama

    Las Vegas Live Thread #U2eiTour

    What’s a good twitter to check?
  13. ballardmama

    Las Vegas Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Where was the sign up today? We just got in to town so we don’t know when things happened today. Thanks!
  14. ballardmama

    Las Vegas Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Is there a GA sign up for tomorrow night’s show going? Where might those folks be hanging out? We’re walking around outside looking for anyone.