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  1. I had no luck with the lottery today for Japan 2. Never saw RZ, GA front or back. I expected there wouldn’t be much available so I’m not too upset. So now I’m on the lookout for any kind fan who might have 2 extra tickets for night 2 in the coming months. Thanks to those here who’ve given me advice over the last few weeks as I’ve tried to navigate getting tickets.
  2. Thanks for the info about the general sale. I’m hopeful for both of us that there will be a few tickets left.
  3. I just got an email from Pia that we didn’t get tickets. This AM we got a text from Bank of America that a Pia charge that looked like RZ was declined. I immediately called Bank of Am to approve it. But I was fearful Pia just moved on to the next person in the lottery. So I emailed Pia right away to let them know they could release-run the charge. Tonight I got 2 emails from Pia saying I didn’t get RZ or GA. So it seems they did just move on to the next person. So frustrating because I called B of Am last week to alert them that this charge would be happening, but they said it still may get flagged. How have people purchased tickets internationally like this without getting their credit card flagged? I’m so frustrated because it has felt like there was no way for me to buy them through their lottery system from the US. We were planning on Seoul 2 and saved our presale code for that, Japan wasn’t on our radar during Presales but I’m sure I wouldn’t have had issues if I had done the presale. Mods, will there be a ticket trade/sell page up sometime?
  4. Thanks, I sent an email just now alerting them that I’ve told my bank to approve the charges and to please re-run the transaction. I’m curious if they’ll even read my email or just dump the transaction. I tried to call Pia but my call won’t go through. I’m using: + 81 0570 06 9919 Is this the correct number for Pia? I’d love to just talk to someone to tell them to approve the charge.
  5. I registered for the vendor presale for tickets to the Tokyo night 2 show, I contacted my bank ahead of time to let them know about the purchase, etc. I received a text this morning from my bank saying it was declined and to text YES to approve it, which I did. Does Pia know that the transaction was approved my me or do I need to tell them to run the transaction again? I want to contact Pia but I can't find any contact info (email and/or phone). Does anyone know how I can contact them? I remember seeing contact info for all of the ticketing companies for this tour posted on Tours page for the subscriber presale, and I'm thinking that the Pia info might have been there. Can mods or anyone help? Many thanks.
  6. Just 622 rear GA tickets left. A slow go, but more sell every day. Since everything except rear GA sold very quickly, you'd think Live Nation would reconfigure or reprice those tickets to sell the show out. Seems like there was a great demand for everything except those rear GA that are numbered. I'm wondering when Live Nation is going to make the call to add a second show or not add another show. What a shame for Korean fans if U2 ends up only playing one night there after all these years of waiting. I'm still hoping....
  7. Could you share what exactly is a vendor presale? Like who is a part of this? From what you’re saying, I’m not likely to be able to take part in this. Just trying to make sense of my options. Thanks for the idea of the FB group. If I end up making it to the show, I’m going to need to buy you a drink to say thanks for all of your help. 😊
  8. Thanks for the heads up about this! Mods or anyone else....will I need a Japanese address/phone number in order to sign up for this vendor presale on Pia? I’m in the US and am wondering if the Pia presale site will be in English and if there are any other work arounds I need to be aware of. I’ll get in touch with my credit card company to let them know so my credit card works. It seems the fan club presale was simple but I’m curious about the vendor presale. Many thanks for helping me figure this out.
  9. I’ve been watching the numbers too. It’s ticking down every day. Seems like if Live Nation did a bit more promotion, it would sell out, wouldn’t take much. I wonder if this concert isn’t on residents’ radar since U2 has never played in Korea. I’m thinking this concert is going to be incredible, first time in the country and last stop on the tour. Let’s go Seoul!!
  10. Thanks for all of your time in responding to me! It looks like the vendor presale ending today is only for Japanese residents. Am I reading this correctly? So since I’m from the states, it says there will be the general sale for me. I’m wishing that I had done he Japan presale but it wasn’t even on my radar. I guess I thought there’d be 2 nights in Seoul since U2 has never played there and it’s the last stop of the tour. Maybe a second night will come if it sells out, which I’m still hoping for. I have 2 Presale tickets left using my code, and I’d love to use them. I got RZ for Seoul 1 and I remember that the venue has people line up by their ticket purchase number, so I’m trying to keep that in mind for Japan. I’m going to try for the general sale but am wary of what tickets might be left at this point. I don’t have a need to be on the rail, just trying to get in the door. In my dream world, someone from the fan club might have a spare GA or RZ ticket (or two) that I can buy. Crossing my fingers that the fan to fan thing might work out for me in the coming months. I’ve sold a few extra tickets that I’ve had over the years to fans so I’m hoping some good will might come my way this time. I’ve always sold my extras at face value, trying to keep in the spirit of the fan club. Again, thanks for your assistance and encouragement. If nothing else, I’m ecstatic to being in RZ in Seoul. I hope you have an amazing time in Japan!
  11. I was hoping for two nights in Seoul, but since a second night hasn't been announced I'm starting to think about catching night 2 in Japan. I know that presales have ended, but I'm wondering how ticket purchasing went on that site since I'm looking at the general sale in July. Some people wrote that you needed a Japanese phone number and that there were issues with the payment. Can anyone who has purchased tickets already share any tips on using the Japanese ticketing site? Since it's a general sale I'm hoping to learn from others experiences so things go more smoothly for me. Any advice would be great appreciated! And if anyone has two extra GA's for Japan night 2, let me know. 😀
  12. I’ve been checking yes24 to see how many tix are left. There are about 1350 GA tix left and a few hundred have sold since yesterday. One would think that the rest will sell in the next few days. Hoping for a sellout soon so night 2 might be possible. You’d think U2 playing there would be a big deal since they haven’t been there before. Let’s go Seoul!
  13. I'm still holding out hope for a second Seoul show. Seems unusual for GA to still be available and seats are long sold out. I wonder if the floor being divided in half is making GA less attractive, or that GA seems to be number ordered. Maybe this is when dynamic pricing could move those remaining tickets and help get a second night in the mix. Still crossing my fingers!
  14. Any idea if there may be a second night in Seoul added? We’re waiting to buy our plane tickets until we know either way.
  15. Maybe I’m old, but doing GA two nights in a row can be a lot. We like to stand in line for GA for a fair bit on the day of the concert in order to get closer to the front, not necessarily rail but closer to the stage. Plus we enjoy just hanging out in line getting to know other fans from all over the world so we like the waiting in line thing. We often do both nights GA just because we usually are traveling from farther away and GA is more affordable and RZ are often hard to get. Seems that may be different for this tour. Back to back standing in line for GA can be exhausting, so maybe you stand in line longer for one concert to be closer to the front and one night you arrive closer to show time and take in things further back. If you’ve never done RZ, maybe this is when you want to go for it.
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