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  1. RickMofoMears

    Pre-Sale Blues

    I am so frustrated!!! Long story short, I had to re-subscribe through September 2019 and here I am on the phone with Customer Service with the representative stating that I'm out of luck because I registered for both the pre-sale and the regular onsale. I've been a long time subscriber that let my subscription lapse for a few months, but now I'm out $80 and with no tickets. The customer service representative acknowledged that I was registered for the pre-sale, that my account fit all the correct criteria, but that I was 'not selected'... I'm so happy with the music the band has released, but this whole fiasco has made me sick to my stomach. Over the past 3 weeks I've spent countless hours trying to just buy 2 tickets. The confusing and obviously failed system has not effected the resale market at all, in fact, it seems to just made their prices higher so that real fans are screwed either way.
  2. RickMofoMears

    Best Show!

    Feeling a bit bummed about my Red Zone ticket too. Just wish they would have stuck with where the tickets were pictured while purchasing the tickets.
  3. RickMofoMears

    Red Zone experiences?

    Thanks for the info - have Rzine 2 for Monday's show! How early did you get there? Was it crowded?
  4. RickMofoMears

    Have 2 GA tickets available for May 19

    Yes! Been desperately looking for a pair.
  5. RickMofoMears

    Have Extra(s) for both San Jose Shows

    Sent you a PM!
  6. RickMofoMears

    GA Trade, need x2 GA for the 18th

    Sent another PM
  7. RickMofoMears

    GA Trade, need x2 GA for the 18th

    Sent you a PM...
  8. RickMofoMears

    Still looking for 1 GA for the 19th.

    Still have had no luck tracking down 1 GA ticket for the Mrs on the 19th. Already have mine from the pre-sale, but had no luck the morning of the general sale to get hers. I know it's tricky because of the whole ticketless entry, but we would hold your spot in line.
  9. RickMofoMears

    Looking for a May 19th GA Ticket

    Already have one, but can't leave the Mrs out in the cold for night two.
  10. RickMofoMears

    May 19th Show

    Had to split our tickets up due to the 2 total limit and now it looks like I'm going solo on the 19th (GA) - so bummed! I get the reasoning behind the ticket limitation, but the fact that they are going to be two different shows made this a heartbreaking experience.