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  1. Hello there, my already payed for dublin tickets just disappeared from my order history on ticketmaster.ie. I haven't used to presale code multiple times but saved it for this particular occasion... The tickets are payed for and now they are gone! I did use the same credit card for london tickets last year. Please help! Any ideas/experiences? Bigwave? Thanks in advance... Johannes Problem solved! I just talked to the customer service...
  2. Anyone else here saving the code for the dublin-shows?
  3. Yes. For three different years. And this time? The Dublin Shows are gonna be in 2015 as well. Not a whole new leg. So you think there's gonna be a new presale code for every u2.com-member for these shows?
  4. Kind of... I can't recall the procedure during the last pre-sale. Sorry.
  5. I think I'll save up my code for the dublin shows... But: What if everybody gets a new (second) pre-sale-code when the final shows are announced? Is that possible too?
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