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    2001 Elevation Tour in Staples Center, I was 16 years young!
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  1. Still looking
  2. Hello fellow U2 lovers! I'm looking for seated ticket near Sec. 19, row 11 for Saturday or 1 GA Ticket for Sunday! Write me! Thank you. Richard
  3. Do you have an extra GA ticket for Sunday? I'm looking for one for my mom. Thanks!
  4. Ultra Violet is also my fav!! 
  5. I'm looking for 1 ticket near section C136, row 29. If anyone has a extra ticket near this seat, let me know. I am interested to buy.
  6. Hi everyone, does anyone know what time the show will be over? at 10pm or after? I would like to know if I should take the late train at 11:30pm or a shuttle to BART to get back to Oakland after the show. Thank you! The show in seattle ended a little after 11pm.
  7. Yes, any info on this please? If the show ends at 10pm, I'm not sure about waiting 90 min. to hop on the late train at 11:30pm. The show in Seattle ended a little after 11pm.
  8. You'll have to park outside and around the stadium. Be careful, there are many restricted parking around the homes. You might have to park far away and just walk in.
  9. search airbnb now.
  10. Will you going to the Seattle show from SF? I'm flying from Oakland on Sat!

  11. Thanks for sharing! Exciting!!
  12. No smoking. It's a public area even though it's outdoor LOL! Who smokes cigarettes in stadiums or arenas anyway?
  13. Hi Yury! These look amazing! I wish I could have a set! If you're lucky, wait outside the stadium before soundcheck, I would say between 1-3pm, and see if they stop by to say hello to fans. I'll be in the Seattle, Santa Clara, and LA shows! Hope to meet you! Awesome video. Maybe a moderator here can help you.
  14. Rose Bowl has provided shuttle services for big concerts, including U2's 360 Tour. I'm hoping they will announce plans really soon!