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    Relatively dull in most facets of life. An occasional spark of inspiration tends to go untested. Having said that, it occurred to me this might be interesting.....hmmm, no I suppose not. What was the question again ?
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    Presently it is MOS, esp Live
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  1. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    You know, I get capitalism. I'm self employed. But I really feel when you have a great life, when your fans have likely provided you " 500 quid each by now "( per show based on present costs ), isn't it just simple greed to keep upping the price and profits ? Rhetorical. Just venting. I appreciate this isn't an ideal world, but with our band being an idealistic bunch while growing up and older, can't we expect at some point they just say, ' f -ck it, we have everything we need, our sponsors kick ass financially, lets get a tour out there at $75 a pop '. Get every fan that could not go, in and make a statement. Bare bones effects if necessary and take a bit out of pocket and 'write it off '. It just seems right and what not so many years ago we would think pretty natural move by these guys and their management. I'm lucky. I'm grateful I can get to their shows at the moment but I am blown away....absolutely blown away at the process and the costs. I am participating in insanity because these guys have meant so much to me from year 18 to present, 53.
  2. Best presale ever

    No, can't agree re fan competence. I too was lucky. Wasn't last tour but prepped perfectly. The system is fraudulent and the inability- rather seemingly unwillingness to solve the problem should be criminal.

    I bet ( appropriate I guess for LV ) that a couple good cover bands play either the Thursday or Sat nights as well. Any RZ 2 peeps ?
  4. RZ in LV...

    Easiest pre sale yet for me. Any other fans running in Red Rock Canyon that Sat morning ?! I know...doubtful, but I am curious.
  5. RZ  IN  LV


    1. frostyrach


      HOw much were RZ tix?

    2. economicformula


      About the same as a good lower bowl seat. A lot.  But I love the space and extras.......sis so of an 'old' fan ! Lol

  6. Where are you staying ?

    Anyone need the above noted hotel ....offers ???? Cheers.
  7. Where are you staying ?

    A couple of generic questions asked and answered re timing of securing room vs payment. We will check you in first, then receive payment in local currency, US or CDN dollars.
  8. Still available Pm. Me.
  9. U2 Fan Party in Toronto

    cool cool
  10. Where are you staying ?

    **** HOTEL AVAILABLE ** How is this for irony ?! We have friends joining us and just locked into renting an apartment that will accommodate us all. SO.... WE HAVE A ROOM FROM JULY 21 TO JULY 25 AVAILABLE AT : BEST WESTERN PLUS ACADEMY PLAZA HOTEL, OFF O'CONNEL ST. WELL REVIEWED SPOT. IT'S A ROOM WITH TWO SINGLE BEDS OUR COST FOR THE 4 NIGHTS IS $961.60 US IS THIS USEFUL TO ANYONE HERE ? IF SO, WE WOULD GO WITH YOU TO ENSURE EASY CHECK IN. Email me with questions....
  11. Where are you staying ?

    awesome offer SB...wish we had seen it sooner. Got our rooms but friends were still looking.
  12. Vancouver Live Thread #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

    I think exposing views that are objectively, scientifically, filled with hate, misogyny, racism and cruelty isn't a bad thing. If we are agree that those things are evil, we are united. If we don't agree, shame, just enjoy the music and allow rational discourse to carry the day. Slides are fun, but slipper slopes are dangerous for the world.
  13. TJT Vancouver

    Nicely done !
  14. U2 Fan Party in Toronto

    That would fit perfectly. Hope it comes together.
  15. Where are you staying ?

    Thank you, I'm guessing that it will be a case of head to the city centre, hopefully there will be some u2 themed stuff going on in the afternoon, and then follow the hordes up to Croke Park. Murrays Bar at the top right of O'Connell St was fantastic at the last Croke Park weekend. Beer garden out back, tribute bands, and loads of U2 fans from around the world - hopefully they put on something similar in July. Of course they will do something similar, what am I thinking! Great also as you just come out turn right and take a 20 min stroll to Croker after a couple of pre concert beverages. We'll bus it in from the outskirts, and meet my brother and sister n law there. Just have to find a taxi post gig to get us back out to our hotel. You nailed it....Murray's was the ideal spot.