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    Relatively dull in most facets of life. An occasional spark of inspiration tends to go untested. Having said that, it occurred to me this might be interesting.....hmmm, no I suppose not. What was the question again ?
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    Presently it is MOS, esp Live
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    Montreal Olympic Stdm for Joshua Tree
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    L.V. 2018, NYC 2018, Croke, Dublin 2017
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    Boston 2nd show ELEVATION, Montreal 1st show ELEVATION
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    B MAN
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    Sia, Midnight Oil, Arcade Fire, Robbie Robertson, Seal, Peter Gabriel, English Beat

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  1. Thank you. Not yet re tickets as i wont know until later in June if it’s a go
  2. I might be able to help you with that Raz ! 😀
  3. Hello hello. Hope to go to Tokyo December comes and i hope to know by late Juneeeee Yup , truly do
  4. If it happens, and it seems so overdue, I hope it includes Japan stops.
  5. got to check the frequent flier points accounts. got to check the hotel loyalty points totals got to check with spouse as to permission for son and I to take a little trip got to provide spouse best birthday gift ever in June( I know, I know, everyone naturally is thinking it would be a great gift to go to a U2 concert with her in NZ or Aus - but, alas, she does not care for them so much. I'm far from perfect as well, so life goes on ! )
  6. I propose, like individual song downloads, we pay per song at the shows ! If they need a bit more post show beer money, it will be a long great event !!
  7. What do you think I cheaper , the flight or the ticket ? Ahum...clearing throat, cough cough.... lol Despite that, worth it.
  8. While my comment was meant to be funny, I could not agree more with yours. Well said. It's easy to call it a democratic process when there is a random draw, but it feels much less democratic when only 3 % can 'effectively' vote. There is a level of 'in' that you just can't fake, but you know that I know !
  9. I held off as long as I could in opening this thread. It has not disappointed and I knew it wouldn't. But it did stir those combined feelings of jealous angst while being really happy for those who made it and living vicariously through 'you'. Fantastic reports, reviews. Here comes my bitter, jealous refrain....you guys are very special !
    How about a preview apposed to a review. Always on and fun. Great band to represent the greatest band. Won't be disappointed.
  10. LV1.....I guess most of us leave a U2 show feeling like we got some kind of fix, that we did not quite know we needed, until it arrived , on cue, as the show began. And perspective. Macro vs micro. Big picture. Such a cool show austetically but for me, the set list was as close to perfect as has been for a few tours. Hello to my newly found Scottish friends from your friend in New Scotland. !
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