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    Relatively dull in most facets of life. An occasional spark of inspiration tends to go untested. Having said that, it occurred to me this might be interesting.....hmmm, no I suppose not. What was the question again ?
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    Presently it is MOS, esp Live
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    Montreal Olympic Stdm for Joshua Tree
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    L.V. 2018, NYC 2018, Croke, Dublin 2017
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    Boston 2nd show ELEVATION, Montreal 1st show ELEVATION
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    B MAN
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    Sia, Midnight Oil, Arcade Fire, Robbie Robertson, Seal, Peter Gabriel, English Beat

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  1. economicformula


    I propose, like individual song downloads, we pay per song at the shows ! If they need a bit more post show beer money, it will be a long great event !!
  2. economicformula

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    What do you think I cheaper , the flight or the ticket ? Ahum...clearing throat, cough cough.... lol Despite that, worth it.
  3. economicformula

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour to get myself to a Euro show
  4. economicformula

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    While my comment was meant to be funny, I could not agree more with yours. Well said. It's easy to call it a democratic process when there is a random draw, but it feels much less democratic when only 3 % can 'effectively' vote. There is a level of 'in' that you just can't fake, but you know that I know !
  5. economicformula

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    I held off as long as I could in opening this thread. It has not disappointed and I knew it wouldn't. But it did stir those combined feelings of jealous angst while being really happy for those who made it and living vicariously through 'you'. Fantastic reports, reviews. Here comes my bitter, jealous guys are very special !
  6. economicformula

    Montreal Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Fantastic pics Rita
  7. economicformula

    the U2 mONTREAL eXPERIENCE featuring Shawn Brady

    How about a preview apposed to a review. Always on and fun. Great band to represent the greatest band. Won't be disappointed.
  8. economicformula

    Las Vegas Live Thread #U2eiTour

    LV1.....I guess most of us leave a U2 show feeling like we got some kind of fix, that we did not quite know we needed, until it arrived , on cue, as the show began. And perspective. Macro vs micro. Big picture. Such a cool show austetically but for me, the set list was as close to perfect as has been for a few tours. Hello to my newly found Scottish friends from your friend in New Scotland. !
  9. economicformula

    What's Your Be Attitude?

    THAT was so so cool ! Thanks.
  10. economicformula

    What's Your Be Attitude?

    Blessed are those who take, without whom a higher blessing would fall shy for those who give.
  11. economicformula

    What's Your Be Attitude?

    Blessed are those who get turned down by 4 Universities (Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS ). For they now get to think for themselves.
  12. economicformula

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    What makes my story of how the shows will unfold truly believable is that I am writing it PAST the April 1 / Fools Day deadline for being silly. From a reliable source, the boys find themselves dancing very very close to Spinal Tap ingenuity, laying still on stage, unknown to fans, in egg shaped capsules. The capsules slowly begin to crack, Larry the paternal father of the band, emerges first. Lots of indescribable, but very authentic sticky stuff dripping from his body. He spreads his arms wide, like wings, twirls, dances/flies over towards the next capsule/egg. He beats ( ahum ) on it with his drum sticks. Calls out into the air, like a Mother bird might call its young, or when it suffers from a sore throat....that egg cracks further. It's Bono. The drum beat continues. Sunday Bloody Sunday. He jumps out. One wing seems to unintentionally jam in the capsule before it comes off, seemingly amputated. Blood spurts from the theatrical wound. Larry flies around cawing in disbelief, panicked as to what to do. Then, miraculously, Edge emerges from his shell. He run/flies towards Bono, removes a guitar strap and uses it as a turnacut around Bone's severed arm. Larry continues to dance and fly around the stage, whacking harder and harder on the last capsule, The whacking is also heard from the inside of the egg. It seems Adam might be stuck. Wants out but it just aint happening. Larry whales, whacks, whips, smacks, begins to kick, smash and scream at it. It then opens. Adam, in facts opens it. He sticks his head up, looks around. Lays back down and closes it. Apparently he never supported this opening performance in the first place. Larry reminds him how he sucked at bass when he first joined the boys and that that debt was never fully paid until recently ! Adam reluctantly gets up, takes his place amoung the birds. And for the first time in recent history, grabs the mic and begins to sing.... --------------------- I'm moved just reading this. And, its from an incredibly reliable source. In fact, a moderator hear at U2.COM ! Kidding.
  13. economicformula

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    "Touch me to see if I'm real".........a sentiment that undoubtedly would be said by a sensitive hologram. If you recall that lyric from an '80's band that was held back a bit because of their name, you might also speculate that when the tour hits the US, Dear Leader will be tweeting that U2 did the same and, in addition, "have no talent". "Losers".
  14. economicformula

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    My comment on the other hand was meant to not make sense. I have to make sense most of each day, and just wanted a short break of incoherent gibberish ! Kidding. What I meant is that I'm going to 'like' any chance I get because ( and this might just be me ) I'm not getting any younger !
  15. economicformula

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I just gave YOU a self serving like. Partly because I agree and partly because it felt good. Don't hold your likes too closely. Not getting any younger !