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    Relatively dull in most facets of life. An occasional spark of inspiration tends to go untested. Having said that, it occurred to me this might be interesting.....hmmm, no I suppose not. What was the question again ?
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    Presently it is MOS, esp Live
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    Montreal Olympic Stdm for Joshua Tree
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    Croke, Dublin 2017
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    Boston 2nd show ELEVATION, Montreal 1st show ELEVATION
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    B MAN
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    Sia, Midnight Oil, Arcade Fire, Robbie Robertson, Seal, Peter Gabriel, English Beat

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  1. __ U2 __- -- --- ___ Achtung Baby !!!!! ___ always, very cool. Really like the feel of this.
  2. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Nice !
  3. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    This is , as others pointed out, a really REALLY good thread. What a cool, interesting and thoughtful group of contributors. If I could, you know I everybody to a show and enjoy a half day round table with all of you, talking U2 over a bit of food and drink Keep it moving....
  4. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I really like this about his writing. Its not infrequently brilliant Language is interesting as it seems in its ...each if not every language~evolution from grunts and other guttural sounds to words and then grammatical logic ‘we’have established an organic need to be duelustic. Maybe it’s is because we fear words OR saying what we mean or need to say. At minimum, it’s better than being passive aggressive !! 🕸
  5. The U2 song that saved your life

    Great picks. I think what has pulled me up are all the reminders in so many songs which hint at living in the moment and being appreciative. They can't write like that without being sensitive, empathetic people. It also makes them ( Bono ) vulnerable and susceptible to being down. He does not write like that, I suspect, because he is all knowing and tremendously self assured. I think his lyrics are as much personal reminders as they are good advice.
  6. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I’ve had it broken twice. Once literally and once figuratively ! Lol
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    It's mostly because in this case, I really like your writing and your willingness to discuss, that I have to comment. Going back to when I was introduced to WAR. Aside from a serious crush on the incredible girl who gave me a tape ( Janet where in the world are you ? Hope you are happy !), it opened me up to a new way of expressing an overwhelming anger and cynicism at both the Irish situation and in a larger sense, the world, the nuclear clock...and my seeming impotence to have any effect. I learned the value of the arts in protest. I learned that art in all its forms takes on the issues political people won't, can't or are intentionally manipulating. I gravitated towards music in this vein. It catches the attention of many who might otherwise not be paying quite enough attention. 30+ years later, more than ever, we need these issues addressed. We all only have one kick at the can and it is extremely tough, even for those who pay attention to the politics around them, to express a counter opinion. Humans by nature are sheep ( ish) and tend to not want to rock the boat, are susceptible to group think and can be confused on fact vs fiction, truth vs lie. Combined with the fact, the slippery slope of US politics today is to immediate and forcefully intimidate those who express democratic and social justice issues obviously counter to current federal leadership. The lack of individual challenge as a result of either sleep walking or intimidation allows, and history shows this very well, sociopathic personalities to lead us down the wrong path. There is a depth of absolute immoral, racist, economic elitism that is getting locked in as 'normal' and more and more acceptable. Sociopathy as leadership, no empathy thus - no ability to create policy or opportunity for those on the edge. It can't go un challenged. I just can't let it. I'll try to be tactful to people in expressing this thought, less so with political people. Happily willing to have my nose broken again, but this time I will punch back, not first, but they will know they are in a fight. Just too much at stake. Now is not the time to be pinched by the depth of political commentary on this disk. I value it deeply. Bono was extremely considerate to intertwine it with his love for the US - as an idea that bloomed into something special at on time, but is disintegrating at such a rapid pace that ignorance can't be an excuse anymore.
  8. What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    Yes indeed , Good pick. ...............I also remember well when in Boston during Elevation and close enough to see Bono cry.......... ” I don’t know, which way the wind will blow. Whose to know when the time has come around, don’t want to see you cry. I know that this is not good bye “. Always a deeply sentimental beautifully written and played tune, but more so sharing Bono s grief in that moment.
  9. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Great list which I could live with, with one tiny, minor change. American Soul.
  10. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I hear you, but I really love it. I think if they depicted the same considerations with say, 'live acting and actors/actresses', we may not hold down our breakfasts ! And metaphorically, for me, it just simply relays the cartoonish nature of the times in which we live. Surreal...not real....nope on both cases. Very real and that's bizarre.
  11. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I like Coldplay a lot, esp the edgy earlier stuff. Moses and Amsterdam are amazing tunes for me. Having said that, they would make a great OPENING ACT for U2 !
  12. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    GONE. All time favourite tune live or otherwise but esp live. Depending upon if and how they play RFDay, could alter my universe.
  13. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    The above message was brought to you by the Cdn regional brewer of Richards Red. RICKARDS RED. A wonder source of liquid courage I am grateful to not always having the need to expose crap. My three ti e broken nose my not agree but at those moments, out ruled by my brain. luckily. LUCKILY.
  14. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Wel.......I’m in a hurry and spelled well with one l. Evidently not in such a hurry to note that. So hyperbole be fairly warned. Here comes the shit train. Get ( the f ..k) out if your own way. Tied number 1 with the beautifully alarming g Red Flag Day as my favourite. What a video. PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE get off of your knees and don’t let anyone off the hook with this sense that you have gone too far. In representing the simplicity of right vs wrong.... That’s the style of reasonable ‘ normal’ empathetic creatures of which most of us are that even...EVEN in the face of clear BAT SHIT evil, we defer Pu your acting classes to good use ( I know you are nice but get mean and pointed in a relentless way ) and don’t become Squamish at push back. It IS f u. Led up. It is, isn’t it ? Yea. When the bully replies...just f Ck them up intellectually.
  15. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Any honest opinion is obviously legitimate , but one aspect of this album which I think is undeniable, is that it is an incredibly thoughtful album. It's incredibly honest, nuanced in some metaphorical mis-directions and I suspect, likely written quickly. Someone else here mentioned it seemed rushed. I think there is immense difference in rushing or pushing something out and being deeply inspired. If you experienced those moments, you know how the words, actions, art...whatever it might be, just 'write' themselves. This is an age 50 something- WAR There is such anguish and despair. There is hope, but its not naïve and may not be optimism per se. Just hope or a personal prayer possibly. It exists but isn't a guaranteed save. We all know the U2 character - esp Bono's, well enough after all these years to appreciate, the man has such deep soul and empathy - and evidently, is a tough enough dude to just go after those people or situations that cause so much harm. I am loving it now. I didn't initially. But in knowing where these tunes come from and not getting any younger myself, we have to consider the message, don't let evil win in your community or in the world. Call it out. I couldn't agree more. And so I sing these songs ( privately in my car ! - if you heard my voice you would appreciate that ) and they become 4 dimensional. Cheers.