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  1. Given up hope of any Scottish concerts now and basically questioning whether I should keep paying for the website when getting tickets was always the major motivation.
  2. I wonder if the reported poor tickets sales in the US and for some of the European gig will lead to any changes in the itinerary for this year and next.
  3. Still holding out hope and kept my various codes available for any future gigs. Still sore from missing last year but have heard a few rumours about the Joshua Tree Tour returning at some point. MY best gig was Murrayfield for the Joshua Tree tour .. a festival for Scotland with Runrig, love and money, The Pogues and a very poor Mission, Celtic Park ZOO TV were good as was the SECC gig. Still loved my first gig at the Edinburgh Playhouse with staff trying to tell us we had to stay seated.
  4. Unfortunately those are the 2015 dates from the Innocence tour
  5. Getting fed up with how we are informed of things. I have been a subscription payer from the beginning and going to U2 concerts for years and things seemed to work better when we found out from the press and by word of mouth, and yes I have waited overnight just to purchase tickets and it was a helluva less frustrating than the last couple of tours. I am so gutted at missing the second tour in a row and now all we get are hints, rumours and smoke signals. I cant see them going for other indoor venues in UK because they know fans would be annoyed to have paid for tickets, travel and accommodation when they could have bought a ticket for a local concert and saved all that expense. I cant go the the UK shows so far announced because of work and lack of funds to pay for travel and living so will have to wait for the rumoured outdoor tour which may or may not come after but either way this feels like a massively scaled back tour which is strange at this point. Its frustrating that we have no details or explanations rather than all of us grasping in the dark for excuses to explain this second no show in 2 tours.
  6. This totally messes with our planning. Do we try to buy tickets for shows in England which will mean that my family cannot go because i cannot afford to take them all and pay for transport accommodation etc for the whole clan or do we hold off in the hope that extra shows are announced which include Scotland? Seems strange to have a band that cares so much about their status reduced to 13 stops on a European Tour, I know they are getting older but this would be a major scaling back from previous tours. Really wish I hadn't bought an extra copy of the album for a friend just to get the ticket allocation so I could take the whole family. Gutted at missing the Joshua Tree tour and now gutted at this, I have been to every tour since The Unforgettable Fire and now it does feel like travelling to Manchester for all of us isn't an option.
  7. yeah I remember queuing in 1987 for Glasgow tickets to go with my Edinburgh tickets and having an absolute ball with the folks around me, I didn't have to have a $40 membership for maybe a chance of tickets every few years and the guys in the queue were always up for a song and a laugh. The Good old days. With the volume of tickets they are selling you would expect a certain percentage of problems to occur and with a band where they have previous experience of a ticketing fiasco you would expect a little extra care to be taken to make sure that it didn't happen again. Yet in the case it would almost appear that the mix of their attempts to thwart the scalpers and the corporate tie-ins and album tie-ins have placed extra unnecessary pressure on the ticketing process. As a Scottish member hoping for some Scottish shows there was a definite lack of clarity about how we should go about it and how the ticketmaster tie-in would affect fans outside North America which caused more hassle and unrest among fans. The Management team need to review this for next time. (Sorry mate I removed a line here because I misunderstood the last part of your post, apologies.)
  8. It is 12 years since we all received this from Larry, I am not sure that things sound that much better for a lot of people in this presale. From some posts it sounds as if the U2.com membership has been useless in securing tickets for them and has failed to address the problems Larry highlighted below in 2005. I know U2 care about their fans but when you eventually create something so complex, corporate and complicated to "protect" fans from scalpers then it may be time to go back and think up the ticketing process all over again. "This is not something that I would normally do, but I feel that I have to do something to redress this situation. There was a mess up in the way the tickets were distributed through U2.com for the Vertigo pre-sale. Some of it was beyond our control, but some of it wasn’t. I am now in the process of figuring out a way of distributing the tickets for our intended return to North America in the fall. The only fair way of doing this, is to give U2 Propaganda members, who are now U2.com members, priority in the queue. After that, people will be given priority in the order in which they joined. Many people who joined U2.com and didn’t get tickets are understandably angry. They now have the option to get a full refund of their subscription fee. The idea that our long-time U2 fans and scalpers competed for U2 tickets through our own website is appalling to me. I want to apologise to you who have suffered that. If your U2.com pre-sale experience has left you disappointed, I hope this will go some way towards reassuring you of our total commitment to our audience. Slainte Larry. By the way, a note to those so-called U2 fans who are quick to accuse U2 of unseemly behaviour, I’ve only got two words for you…"
  9. This is getting beyond a joke. It remains unclear for European subscribers (UK here) whether connecting to TM US will invalidate us for the forthcoming UK presales. I do not want any North American tickets and I still don't see enough clarity here to make me confident of what I should do to make sure I can secure the UK tickets I will be looking for. I have pre-ordered the deluxe cd and thought that would be enough but obviously not.
  10. If this is true, and lets face it after 5 years of the bullshit we have had to put up with who wouldnt believe it, then I am very disappointed to say the least. I would rather they either shut up, pissed off and finished at least one of the four albums we have been teased with in the last 5 years, with any of the various muses they are hiring, or just admitted they can't manage to finish an album because they don't know what they are looking for any more. Perhaps if they stop trying to be relevant and happening then they might find their way again to make the music we love. Ordinary love is a highpoint that had us all anticipating a return to form, I do not want an album full of invisibles which was tepid, bland pop with a catchy hook but no real substance as music. I love U2's quieter, more contemplative moments as much as desire etc but this didnt inspire any excitement about what is to come. I am an old frazzled fan from the late 70's and so I am used to Bono teasers and delays but this time they have stretched our patience from the "songs of Ascent" ideas we got in 2009 through now to this current media storm supporting a supposedly upcoming tour and album which will die away and be harder for them to wind up again when people feel like they were had this time round. All in all I think it just piles more and more pressure on any release they do make instead of having something released before now to let them mess about with more new songs to their hearts content. I really can't believe the stuff I am hearing that this was just a ploy to get us to renew memberships, things are bad but not that bad. I am confident they can still produce a good album but am worried maybe not a great one any more and am not sure they believe they have a great one in them at this point.
  11. Sounds like stunning shows they are pulling off, so glad I saw it in Glasgow. Seems like they are playing the Greatest Hits Tour now with so little NLOTH in the setlist but still what a show!
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