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  1. Dedication to my fellow U2 fan

    In 2015, at the U2 concert in Madison Square Garden, we were so excited to meet the girl who was called up on stage. In our crazy minds, we thought it would be the closest we would ever get to the band! (We met the girl who met Bono, lol!) My friend Christine and I had only met recently through our kids' activities, but bonded quickly, all over our love of U2. Longtime U2 fans we both are, back to the 80s! Shortly before I met her, she had been in a battle for her life. She told me she was finally cancer-free after battling a brain tumor. She survived! She and her husband were also 9/11 survivors! But in 2016, she was told another brain tumor had formed, this one more aggressive than before. It didn't stop her from fighting it again and enjoying life. She couldn't make it to the Joshua Tree tour, so I recorded what I could for her to watch. A quote on her blog page from her favorite U2 song One (We're one, but we're not the same, we get to carry each other, carry each, is for all the support of friends and community given to her and her family. Through everything life threw her way, she always had something to be thankful for. Her battle this time will soon be over, but not one she will win. She loved music, to sing, to blog, to write, and just felt I needed to write something for her, dedicate something to her. Today I dedicate this song, Kite, to her. Life is precious, our time here is not long. Always be kind. Hug the ones you love a little longer. Take time for each other, for tomorrow is never promised. I miss you, my friend. Every time I hear a U2 song, I will always think of you. Another angel has found her wings. RIP Christine. 11/20/2017
  2. VIP Party Package Details

    Can you tell me who the sender is of the email for the VIP info? I get so much "junk" email, I want to make sure I don't overlook it. I have VIP tix for Philly show. Emailed Ticketmaster about the info, but no answer from them. Thank you.
  3. Songs you want to hear on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017?

    So many songs would love to hear them play, but if I could only pick one to add it would be God Part II.
  4. Credit Card Entry (MERGED)

    So if I bought 2 tickets for seats that require credit card entry, but wanted to buy 2 GAs for friends who want to go along (but don't want to pay the price for seats), could I switch my credit card around on Ticketmaster and let them use the credit card I purchased the GAs with for entry and I still use my original cc for entry to my seats? I don't want to get flagged for switching cc info on my account, but bummed they probably won't be able to get tickets in the public sale to go along with me. And not being sure if ID will be requested with the cc. First time experiencing this cc entry stuff. Sorry, I like the good old fashioned tickets, although I'm sure this helps with the scalping or selling at a higher price.
  5. Anything extra U2 would do for their fans would be great. If I got chosen, but couldn't attend, I would hope I could pass my chance onto another subscriber. I'd be happy if I could just get tickets to Fallon's tonight show if they get to reschedule their week long appearance they had to cancel after Bono was injured.
  6. NYC Prices...

    when I was checking earlier it was showing up in section 103 Found it! Small section in front of section 102. I think I need better glasses to see...
  7. NYC Prices...

    Any idea where Section 2 is?? I bought the VIP Fan Package. Section 2, Row 4. $240 per ticket. No clue where I'm at, don't see a Section 2 on the seating chart. Emailed Ticketmaster, got no respond. I just went with whatever I could get after 2 hours fighting with TM.
  8. Section two is the whole floor or are you saying they are partitioning the GA seats into different sections? (other than the Red Zone) Looking at a sporting event seating chart for MSG, I see where Section 2 are chairs on the floor. I can't see that working with this concert set up.
  9. I'm trying to figure out where Section 2 is at MSG, NYC. It doesn't show on the seating chart. I took a chance and bought the VIP Fan Package. $240 tickets. But no clue where my seat is....
  10. Madison Square Garden, NYC
  11. I think you can select GA. I originally selected lower level under fan package, it gave me section 103, but ticketmaster wouldn't let me buy and time ran out. Went through different web browser then and just selected "best available" under fan package. Came up as Section 2, Row 4. Clicked on" buy" which then worked and got the tickets.
  12. I bought tickets - VIP Fan Package. Tickets say Section 2, Row 4. I don't see that on the seating chart at MSG. I thought I bought reserved seating. So what did I just buy? Just thankful to have gotten something with all Ticketmaster problems. By the way, had no problems with Ticketmaster through Mozilla Firefox. Couldn't get Ticketmaster to work through IE or Google.
  13. Presale code not accepted. (MERGED)

    Finally got presale code to work, took forever to find seats, then finally accepted fact I should just take what Ticketmaster gives me, click "buy" Doesn't Work!!!!!! Won't let me buy! Now can't get back in because presale code won't work again. Ticketmaster SUCKS!!!!