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  1. It is released June 10th (this Friday). In UK got U2.com shipping email about 2 days ago - meant to be arriving Saturday As usual Fanfire messes up and ships the boxes 1 day prior to release. So to late arrival at U2´s fan base doorstep. Makes me wonder why I bother buying from them anyway. Picked up the BluRay today, shipment from Uk to Europe takes 3 to 7 days, if you´re lucky. Seen the deluxe version, man that´s one big box! Well, I just have to wait for that one, would have been cheaper too.
  2. It's $40 when Renewing (Re-Subbing).... If it lapses and you want to have a paid-membership again, it will cost you $50. But what I'm saying, how can it have lapsed? I couldn't renew on 31/12 because U2.com didn't have their new offer ready in time! When did it lapse? The new offer has only just been announced? And shouldn't I be getting e-mails warning me that my subscription would lapse? The u2.com customer service is soo tiresome.... I did receive a lot of emails, almost daily until februari 16th to renew, and with a message that U2 postponed my subscription to Februari 16. Even though February 16th has been my renew date for years, and already renewed weeks ago when I got the message it was possible. I think U2.com is messing up things again.
  3. And again I won't be able to join the pre-sale. Only 5 hours pre-sale on a day when I am without internet on see. Or is that 5 PM Saturday? In that case I would try it.
  4. Since the vinyl is the subscriber gift, would we buy the digital version if it would hit the store?
  5. This is interesting news, the email reply that I got said it was out of stock and that I would be notified once the item was available to ship,Response Via Email (Dymenthia) 08/09/2015 11:58 PM Greetings! Thank you for contacting the U2 member support team! We apologize for the delay in shipping of your Fan Club Gift. The demand for this item has been greater than anticipated. A new shipment is pending arrival in our warehouse from the manufacturer. It will be shipping out of our warehouse promptly once we receive it in stock. When your physical gifts ship out, you will receive an email with the appropriate item(s) listed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Dymenthia Live Nation Merchandise Customer Service The demand is bigger than anticipated? Did U2.com get so much more new subscribers than, that's odd when true!
  6. We've waited 7 months for the vinyl, a few more months shouldn't be such a hard excersise for most of now, don't ya think? But a download link would be nice.
  7. This was the first and only version available in the bookstores for quite a time back then as part of the celebration of the AB release.. I remember getting this issue twice, one through the membership and the second from my parents as a surprise gift. Great issue, great memories.
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