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  1. What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    Iris - great lyric to a mother gone too soon.
  2. U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    That swap would work for me!! I don't know about those two opening - too much fuzzy guitar Seriously, though, I think American Soul will be more of a centre-piece song on this tour (even though I find the lyric lazy and tiresome.) I was fortunate enough to catch A Sort of Homecoming twice on the last tour. It might work better in a smaller space where - possibly - most of the fans are pretty hardcore (I'm just going on the serious money these tickets are costing us.) Such a great song. And I hope SoI is represented by a song other than The Miracle. Iris is still a moving song for me, and Raised by Wolves is a good rocker. And I love the stripped down EBW - I think it is a great song for highlighted Bono's vocals.
  3. U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    That would be a bold setlist! No WOWY (one can hope) or Pride is hard to imagine. Two off NLOTH and Pop!?!? Don't see that happening. I would LOVE to hear Electric Co and Gloria on the same night. I think the JT30 tour def makes the setlist predictions a little more fun. I could get by with them dropping ISHFWILF as well. Given the ticket-price on this tour I don't think there will be a lot of people who are there just to check out U2. Probably a fair assumption that most of the people going to E&I will have been at one of the JT30 shows.
  4. U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    I think Love is All We Have Left would be a great opener. Spotlight on Bono - main stage. Segue into Lights of Home - Edge on B-stage for the opening riff. The rest is tricky! Sure hope songs off SOI are still part of the set.
  5. No Toronto Shows

    If no ACC, then Copps. hard to believe the Toronto area has been left off this tour, ESP with that bunch of open dates between Atlanta and Montreal.
  6. 'All the promises we made…'

    Quick thoughts from the Canadian broadcast: Love is Bigger.... - WOW. To my ears, this sounded far better than the album version (of which I am not a big fan.) Would have much preferred more of the new (er) stuff. WOWY - don't get too excited about the snippet. Surprised by the very small amount of interview footage from Brazil. It would be cool if there are different cuts of this show for the areas where it's being broadcast. Certainly the second BBC broadcast will be different as it is longer. U2.com - a subscriber gift idea for 2018: a DVD which includes all of the songs performed at Abbey Road (omit the interview footage.)
  7. 'All the promises we made…'

    Looking forward to this show. Setlist below from setlist.fm: Beautiful Day Every Breaking Wave Lights of Home Get Out of Your Own Way With or Without You Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of One Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way You're the Best Thing About Me 13 (There Is A Light) All I Want Is You
  8. 'All the promises we made…'

    Looking forward to this show.
  9. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    There is no benefit to ordering music from U2.com. In fact, one probably pays more once shipping fees are tacked on. Buy from a local retailer whenever possible, IMO.
  10. New Album with Ticket Purchase

    I got a message for the CD and I bought through evenko (Montreal).
  11. Yep. IMO - which as a fan means next to nothing - if U2 Inc is going to allow people to enter a presale by purchasing a membership on TM so they can immediately access a shitty presale, they should consider 3 days of presales: One for the arbitraryly defined long-term group, another for the arbitrarily defined short-term group, and a third for the people who are buying a membership on the same day they buy tickets.
  12. Go back to 2015 for the I & E Tour. Very easy to get GA on the subscriber presales.
  13. Nothing! (I was just adding to your comment.)
  14. Succinctly put. I also wonder if the artists get a cut of the ticket sold through Verified Resale. It's all scalping, and any attempt to rationalize TM's Verified Resale is self-serving.