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  1. enriquediaz

    Copenhagen Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I’d be pretty surprised if this setlist sticks. 1) it doesn’t fit with the arc of the show. 2) it doesn’t utilize the walkway screens in any way that compares to the standard setlist. 3) This tour (and I&E) has been about the new songs. i’m glad for the fans who’ve seen multiple shows (I saw 4 and would have loved this one.) but IMO this setlist isn’t what this tour is about. we’ll all find out soon enough....
  2. enriquediaz

    Copenhagen Live Thread #U2eiTour

    The entire Innocence segment gone. wow.
  3. enriquediaz

    European leg starts this month

    Please let me know where you stay when you visit Spain. On a serious note, yes, tickets are expensive. But if you were able to get GA ticket (a little over $100), that is a fantastic price for a U2 concert.
  4. enriquediaz

    Fan Packages

    Any news from the Montreal show attendees? Nothing handed our neither have I received a message.
  5. enriquediaz

    Montreal Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Great couple of nights. (Though switching it up a wee bit more for 2nd shows would be nice!) i saw both Gavin and Sebastian Clayton swaying to the music in Night 2. Kinda cool seeing guys who seen U2 since 1978 100s of times still getting into the music.
  6. enriquediaz

    U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    The 2018 release might well be the worst one yet. Well done, U2.com.
  7. enriquediaz

    U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I actually like the vinyl - would have been nice to include Red Hill, but I guess we can't have it all Also, those lithographs are nice and all, but to display them properly would require a frame -- more $ to be spent. The 360 live releases/book have been my fav of the bunch.
  8. enriquediaz

    What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    Iris - great lyric to a mother gone too soon.
  9. enriquediaz

    U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    That swap would work for me!! I don't know about those two opening - too much fuzzy guitar Seriously, though, I think American Soul will be more of a centre-piece song on this tour (even though I find the lyric lazy and tiresome.) I was fortunate enough to catch A Sort of Homecoming twice on the last tour. It might work better in a smaller space where - possibly - most of the fans are pretty hardcore (I'm just going on the serious money these tickets are costing us.) Such a great song. And I hope SoI is represented by a song other than The Miracle. Iris is still a moving song for me, and Raised by Wolves is a good rocker. And I love the stripped down EBW - I think it is a great song for highlighted Bono's vocals.
  10. enriquediaz

    U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    That would be a bold setlist! No WOWY (one can hope) or Pride is hard to imagine. Two off NLOTH and Pop!?!? Don't see that happening. I would LOVE to hear Electric Co and Gloria on the same night. I think the JT30 tour def makes the setlist predictions a little more fun. I could get by with them dropping ISHFWILF as well. Given the ticket-price on this tour I don't think there will be a lot of people who are there just to check out U2. Probably a fair assumption that most of the people going to E&I will have been at one of the JT30 shows.
  11. enriquediaz

    U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    I think Love is All We Have Left would be a great opener. Spotlight on Bono - main stage. Segue into Lights of Home - Edge on B-stage for the opening riff. The rest is tricky! Sure hope songs off SOI are still part of the set.
  12. enriquediaz

    No Toronto Shows

    If no ACC, then Copps. hard to believe the Toronto area has been left off this tour, ESP with that bunch of open dates between Atlanta and Montreal.
  13. enriquediaz

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    There is no benefit to ordering music from U2.com. In fact, one probably pays more once shipping fees are tacked on. Buy from a local retailer whenever possible, IMO.
  14. enriquediaz

    New Album with Ticket Purchase

    I got a message for the CD and I bought through evenko (Montreal).