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    Soccer (playing,coaching)MLS RED BULLS , NFL Pittsburgh Steelers, Disney stuff.
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    Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, ATYCLB, all of them really
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    Sort of Homecoming, All Because of You, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Electrical Storm, Bullet the Blue Sky, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me.........Pretty much every song they've ever done.
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    Joshua Tree tour 4/1987 Meadowlands NJ
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    Innocecence & Experience MSG, NYC 7/19, 7/26, 7/27 and lastly 7/30
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    2005 Philly Wells Fargo Arena in the heart and GA by small stage Innocecence & Experience MSG 7/19/15
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    Love them all
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    Inxs, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Coldplay, Sammy Hagar many many others
  1. In the first Fan Club Presale I got 2 GA for Philly. I was also a Verified Citi card and a Verified Fan for the rest of all the presales. In the first round Citi Presale I got lower tics for NJ at $135 but no GA. First round Verified sale I got upper deck MSG $125 I think. Second round of Presale was very confusing. I got multiple codes and I wasn't sure if they were for Citi card or Verified fan. Presale start times on the text said one time but on TM or Wells Fargo Philly sites said another time. Didn't get any GA's for any of those shows either, in the second round I only purchased tics for Philly 2 upper on the side at $171. I tried to get tics too for MSG 2 at the very second they went on sale and after a super long wait was only offered upper deck which I refused. I don't understand how I can almost never get GA for any of the shows when I have my code, I'm signed in to TM and I try the very second it goes on sale and I'm immediatly offered upper deck. What a joke! They really should take all the GA tickets for every show and sell them exclusively to the fan club members. They will all sell and they will make money and the fans would be happy. After all they want the most loyal, excited fans up by the stage and along the cat walk and by the smaller stage. They would have that for sure. Thats my idea for next tour. All GA's to fanclub members only.
  2. I just got my GA for Philly. So excited, the Wells Fargo website was not as user friendly as the TM one but this is one of the easiest times I've had in years getting tickets and I actually got what I wanted. So I'd say so far the verified member system worked well. I'm going to try again in the Citi card presale for NJ. Good luck everyone. See you in Philly if you're going.
  3. I got through for Philly, 4 tix lower tier on my phone app. Man they are expensive. Taking my wife and daughters. I never got through on my desktop and I got through twice on my laptop. All my offers were in the same section. I did try once for VIP Gold but never got through. I was too nervous to keep trying for them so I searched for "Best Available" I felt if I kept looking for VIP I would miss out and get nothing. Very happy to be going and I'll try for tickets in the General Public sale for NJ but I will look for 2 GA for that one. I'm hoping they will add a second show to Philly at the General Public sale. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. Have to break it to the wife gently if possible. Ha! Ha!
  4. I got two GAs in the presale for the NYC Sun. 7/19 show using the TM app on my iPhone 4 phone while on a 15 minute break at work. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised because I couldn't afford the $300 tickets being so close to Christmas. I had reserved myself to the fact that I would have to try and get some next year in the after market when I would have a little more expendable income. I Love the band and always will but the tickets are too pricey and the timing of the sale is bad for us hard working people. This will be my 20th show starting with the Joshua Tree tour on & I've attended at least 1 show on every tour since. Can't wait to go next year and I will still try next year to get a ticket for the 7/18 show. Want to do the back to back night thing.
  5. I was pleasantly surprised to see ticket prices lower than $300 plus because I didn't think I would be able to afford any just before Christmas as I mentioned in a post last night. Well I was at work and got a 15 minute break so I decided to see if I could get some inexpensive tickets using my iPhone & Ticketmaster app. First time I tried I didn't capitalize the code so it didn't work. Then I tried for the $48 tickets but didn't get any so I tried again but for the $80 tickets and I got 2 GA for NYC Sun. 7/19. Two tickets for $191.00 was great. Made my day when I didn't think I would be able to afford any. I will probably try and get seats for Sat. night show next year in the aftermarket. I can't wait to see them next year it will be my 20th show. I've seen them at least once on every tour since the Joshua Tree. Good Luck to the rest of you!
  6. No code yet here in NJ. I've got to hit the sack, working in the morning. Good luck, later.
  7. I'm a long time fan and fanclub member and I won't be able to get tickets during this presale, code or no code for the simple fact that it is 3 weeks till Christmas and I don't have $600 plus lying around to spend on tickets for a show in July, (NYC). I have 3 kids and I'm budgeted to the max at this time of year. Didn't think they were going to announce a tour with all the delays they've been doing until next year, especially after Bono got hurt. So I will still go next year but I'll have to find tickets in the after market or hopefully a friend will get tickets and ask me to go. So NO Code email yet but it doesn't matter and unbelievably it will be the first time I can't use it. I wish they were doing a show in Philly or NJ too. I usually go to two nights in a row anyway and I definately want to now after the Edge said each back to back night will be very different sets. I'll work it out next year and find tickets some how. Maybe I'll hit the lottery and have some cash to get tickets. I could then help out family members and my favorite charities. Good luck tomorrow everybody.
  8. As a long time fan I just don't like the negative talk on her about U2. They are my favorite band I love all the music they do. If a new album comes out great....if they are not ready to release it yet for whatever reason...fine. I have more things going on in my life besides waiting around for their new album. It will come eventually and I'm sure I'll love it but I'm not going to obsess over it like some of the people on here. This is only 1 of 2 fan websites I pay to be a member of and its because I love the band and they give us very nice membership gifts. I don't join just to get access to concert tickets but that is a nice perk. I will always be a member of this fan website whether they tour or not because I love the band. I want to hear a new album as badly as the rest of you but it U2 don't feel ready to put out what they have recorded I will patiently wait and not bad mouth them for the delay. Peace to all, I'm a fan forever.
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