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  1. unless they make a Free tour for subs only in clubs worldwide It would take at least a 2-years fans-only tour
  2. My modest proposal: Maybe, rather than only for 10 years sub, the concert could be reserved for 5 years sub (I'm a 10 years sub ). Croke Park, no alternative. Announcement 2-3 months before
  3. ...You stole it, 'cause I neeeded the cash, and you killed it, 'cause I wanted revenge
  4. Tryin' to throw your harms around the world
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Mario from Naples, Italy Though I subscribed a few years ago, I seldom (really seldom, actually ) posted here.... I started loving U2 in 2002 (shame on me ), but since that, I started to buy any and all of their CDs, DVDs, gadgets, memorabilia, etc.... Now, I can proudly say that I went completely mad about U2 ....Meet you all round here
  6. Sorry 123love... I missed a few posts...
  7. Sometimes I feeling like, I don't know...
  8. If I could, you know I would, if I could, I would let it go

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