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  1. I was reading about a lot of people who spent $100s of dollars on Taylor Swift merchandise, clicked on hours worth of videos only to get an email. We are sorry we could not verify you as a true fan. Sounds like more of a scam.
  2. Apparently they sent the wrong email earlier. 1st I get an email congratulations you were chosen. 1 hour later they send this; Thank you for registering for the U2.com Verified Subscriber presale. Unfortunately, we mistakenly sent you a confirmation email earlier tonight. Contrary to the email you were sent earlier, we are unable to offer you access to the presale. While presale access is only one benefit included with your U2.com subscription, we recognize that it is important to many Subscribers. We used my wife's membership of over 10 years and was denied. We will be requesting a refund and this will be the last time we pay for this garbage again.
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