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  1. Still available and happy to sell without hotel or even split to just the one ticket if anyone wants to stand next to me ... So either £100 for 1 or £200 for the two or hotel with 2 tickets at slight discount of £265.
  2. Mod ... Was trying to pm but cannot find a link ... If I click on the user It does nothing, cheers
  3. Hi LAURETTA ... [MOD EDIT:Please no emails. Use PMs. Thanks]
  4. Hi lauretta, I don't seem to be able to pm you for some reason .. Are you looking for both tickets or just the one?
  5. Forgot to add, I could offer the accommodation with a small discount possibly ... They're not just my tickets and the orher person wants to recoup their costs so I don't think I can split totally but maybe the hotel discounted would be OK.
  6. Hiya yes .... Yes they are the 90 class ... I paid about £10 each booking fees as well. Hence £100 each
  7. Hi, I don't have to sell but I have tickets for other nights and due to circumstances would be happy to let these go. They are 115 row d, right centre stage behind the band 4 rows up I guess. Also I have a double room in a travelodge booked. Tickets are face value inc fees £200 for the two. Hotel is £70. So £270 the lot.
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