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  1. Ilmajoki

    Madrid Live Thread #U2eiTour

    The house is rocking every time iwf is played
  2. Flights & Hotel is booked for 13th Nov
  3. During 360 Tour they have been playing song called Glastonbury, was it already mentioned
  4. Ilmajoki

    What concert are you seeing next?

    After U2 x 4 gigs there will Hardcore Superstar in end of September. In November Flaming Sideburns, December Nightwish and Feb/19 Amaranthe.
  5. Ilmajoki

    European leg starts this month

    Found A clipp
  6. Ilmajoki

    European leg starts this month

    Berlin 360 Tour, fans were outside the Hotel Adlon waiting for the band.
  7. Ilmajoki

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Dear all, I have been a fan of U2 app. 30 years, member of U2 fan club since 2000. I have been reading Zootopia once and while, but not have been writing earlier so I must be a newbie. Most of the gigs I have seen were abroad, Sweden twice (Elevation & Vertigo), Denmark once (Vertigo), Germany twice (360) four more to come, Spain three gigs (i+e), Netherlands twice (JT) & Belgium once (JT). In my home country Popmart & 360 twice. U2 has played only 4 gigs in Finland. Found an old membership card from the drawer, dated 2005.
  8. Ilmajoki

    European leg starts this month

    Next week Berlin twice, following week Cologne also twice. I found U2 when I was in the army 1987-88. One guy was listening Joshua Tree, format was c-cassette, I found a new favorite band. For me the first U2 concert was on PopMart tour Helsinki 1997, what an evening..