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  1. I was signed in with ticketmaster since 8:30 made no difference. Ironically when I checked on ticketmaster uk to see if the site was up and not signed in as don't have a UK account . I could see ticket available when I searched.
  2. I think other bands when they do a presale they just allocate a certain amount of tickets and that is that. I think its when ticketmaster.ie and promoters interfere and ration the allocation is when problems arise and that seems to be the case with this and seemingly every U2 gig. Seatwave which ticketmaster own have a load of tickets up already too with huge inflated prices, its a disgrace. Tickets have not even gone on general sale to the public.
  3. I eventually got tickets but was a complete nightmare and all a bit disheartening to be honest. Ticketmaster.ie as in the Irish site (I am sure other regions are as bad too) seem to make a huge hassle of the Irish presales. When I bought tickets for the 3arena gigs the codes didn't work for hours before I could purchase them. And it is not right that tickets are available for presale but just have not been released in to the system by ticketmaster/ promoters and genuine fans who are desperate to buy tickets have to keep refreshing pages hoping for something to be allocated by drip effect. I did not find tickets till 10:29 am for pitch standing. The rare odd seat allocation option every time I searched but no pitch tickets and mostly saying no tickets available for anywhere. Also I get Irish venues are popular for U2 fans as people all over world want to experience a U2 gig in Ireland. But maybe a portal for Irish subscribers should be a thing too with a small set amount of tickets for people who are on at the 9am time and then worldwide allocation after 10 am. I don't blame U2 at all in this I should add. But I do think they have the influence to sort this too.
  4. I have been ready to take advantage of wires presale since early. ticketmaster.ie did not update till 9:05 and now no pitch tickets are available. I went on the UK ticketmaster site too as the Irish was just a hold page and that was available for ticket purchases at 9 am. But my account is with ticketmaster.ie so I was waiting till they went on sale there. Irish fans always seem to get the short straw it would seem.
  5. Just a heads up for people having issues trying to buy tickets through ticketmaster.ie. Use Chrome as your browser. Hopefully that helps some of you out!
  6. Its working now but use google chrome, it will not work on firefox!
  7. It lapsed but have been a paid subscriber more or less since 2009. But just looking at the FAQ Q - Who qualifies to enter ‘presales’ for the Belfast and Dublin Shows? A - 1) Any U2.com subscriber living in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland who joined prior to the announcement of these Irish shows (11:00pm 8 Sept local time). 2) U2.com subscribers who joined prior to the announcement of these Irish shows (11:00pm 8 Sept IST) AND have not already used their presale code to purchase tickets in presales for other IE Tour shows. (As our Subscribe page explains, anyone who subscribed after the announcement of the Irish shows does not qualify for presale access to the Belfast/Dublin shows.) I should be eligible, right?
  8. I never got an email, just logged in on the off chance as had heard nothing. I see tickets went on sale and code I have is not working. How did I get no email?
  9. I am an Irish subscriber got no email and by chance just logged in to see if any update. I see other have been able to purchase tickets but my code is doing nothing when I enter. Did other Irish subscribers not get the email and how can I buy tickets? If anyone could help it would be appreciated? I am still annoyed I didn't get the email but thankfully got tickets. Use google chrome if using ticketmaster.ie
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