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  1. My wife used her Experience code for Tulsa GAs (I'm one of the ones who never received a code - would have tried for GA in DC). We used our Citi card yesterday to try to get GAs for DC - She tried over an hour and none came up and in the interim went for RZ). Hoping for a second show - and my Experience code to snag GAs!
  2. How much is RZ? - and apparently you do need a code. I tried just to see how much they were, but saving my code for CST sales.
  3. Thanks, guess I'll have to wait a few more weeks.
  4. Thanks, I know the differences in amenities, just not when to expect to receive the tour gift - and if the gift is the same for each level. Will help my decision on where to sit next time around. Can't say I'm happy with the Gold seating - only a few rows below where the standard seats were for another show. Not happy paying $ 140 more for seats 5 rows lower and a gift that I don't know when I'll receive.
  5. We (2 women) used Metro after 360 and will probably do it again for JT. No problems. The trains will probably be very crowded until you get downtown. I don't live in the DC area anymore, but when I did and felt there might be an issue with safety, I always went in the front car, near the driver. Never had a problem. Getting to the stadium and parking for concerts has been a problem in the past - especially on a weeknight with all of the usual horrible rush hour traffic. If you drive, allow plenty of time to get to the stadium.
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