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  1. go with the app. they run on different servers...
  2. keep trying... i have heard stories of fans getting tickets 5mins ago and they went on sale 3.5hours ago
  3. always us the app if you can. A little more work typing your code in manually but well worth it. I was told the website and app run on different servers and the app is much more efficient. I had Toronto tix in 4 mins and that was after selecting a number of different options to see what was available prior to selecting my tickets.
  4. Has the ACC posted any GA rules for either show? Other than a few comments on Twitter, I have not been able to find anything. We have seats for Monday, GA's for Tuesday's so I would like to know what time I have to lineup for Tueday night
  5. skuzma

    Toronto Presale

    There we a number of comments on Twitter that TM crashed yesterday during the pre- sale. I searched for 100level seats but they gave me GA.. I took them because I was afraid if I searched again I would get nothing.. This will be a gongshow on Monday. Was thinking of going oldschool and trying an actual ticketmaster location on Monday to see if that would work better..has anyone tried this for a big show in the past few years?
  6. Ticketmaster kicked me out around 9:59 for the Toronto Tuesday night show.. Easily got back in and could only find GA tickets.. the Ticketmaster site kept crashing when I was trying to pay for the tickets and I was freaking out until all of a sudden the payment confirmation popped up.. Very weird..just received the confirmation email...
  7. They did send an email announcing the tour and the pre-sale about 5 hours ago.. did not have any codes but it said they will arrive at some point today.
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