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  1. I'm someone who wants to be in front, at the stage. But I don't see them multiple times every tour (I wish, but it's not possible). I love the magic of being so close. We are going to Amsterdam most of the times. Queue early in the morning, sometimes round noon. I love being in the queue. Relax with people who are there for the same purpose. But when you're in lineaire, you stay in line. You can go for a drink, or a small walk in the area. The relaxing stops when people get crazy. Everybody getting up and starts pushing. Multiple times there was panic. Because people rush, running people over etc. Thats a part I really don't like. And van use some more security.
  2. ingenpat

    Not enough SOE played so far!

    Yes!! I definitely would like to hear Little Things. When I hear the live version it makes me cry every time! Would also love to hear Book of your Heart. Great song!!
  3. ingenpat

    Amstedam 1 sold out??

    I have no idea. I'm still in a queue. Hope not.
  4. ingenpat

    Amstedam 1 sold out??

    Offcourse, you can always give it a try!
  5. ingenpat

    Amstedam 1 sold out??

    That's not always the case. Last few tours they had a presale for the extra dates as well. Just has to wait and see.
  6. ingenpat

    Thanks mods

    Totally agree!!
  7. ingenpat

    presale code

    That sounds unfair. Can't they change the rules about this? The real fans will benefit.
  8. ingenpat

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

  9. ingenpat

    What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    I cried over Little Things yesterday. Got so emotional by that song. It's briljant!
  10. ingenpat

    Amstedam 1 sold out??

    In another post I saw there were tickets available few minutes ago. Maybe try again in different browser? Hope you succeed.
  11. ingenpat

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Could be my words!! I feel exactly the same!!! Even the part of singing in the car alone, haha.
  12. ingenpat


    I think you have to ask that question at the retailer where you bought the cd. Because it is seperate from the presale here.
  13. ingenpat


    Codes are out!!! Good luck everybody. I hope to succeed Friday. Long wait....
  14. No, that doesn't sound fair.