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  1. I haven't received an e-mail about shipping.
  2. I did the same just now. Also from the Netherlands. Did anyone from the Netherlands received their gift?
  3. Thanks for the advice!! Will check it out right away!
  4. Thanks, I found it. I ordered the double cd and i+e live. The shipping info in this topic is about that gift?
  5. I can 't remember what I ordered last year. Is there somewhere in my profile where I can find it?
  6. Just renewed and picked the I+E and E+I gift. Can 't wat!!
  7. Thank you. I checked my profile, but couldn't find it. Only 2 subscriber downloads.
  8. I have a question about the gift. Where can I find out what I ordered when I renewed? I forgot and I don't know if I received something last year. I'm quite chaotic....
  9. I'll wait in front of the hotel ?. Rather spend the money on a few extra concerts to go to.
  10. I would like to, but I'm really not good in writing reviews ?.
  11. Thanks for all the updates and letting me relive the great night we had yesterday!
  12. I saw it on Periscope. Did he do the same yesterday? Couldn't see the screen, because we were realy close.
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