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  1. It's very true you can't please all the people all the time. if you haven't got a turntable then why not put them in a frame I'm sure they will look amazing. but a year after taking the money is taking the p??s,I've now paid next years subscription so maybe we will get the new gift in 2019.what ever it maybe.
  2. How ironic

    How ironic that u2 have shares in apple yet if you have an apple iPad you can't receive any of the downloads.
  3. Well if we're getting this in December,if we renew again how long will it be to we get the next gift.
  4. Dublin July 22

    That was my 35 show and the first in Dublin. i wasn't disappointed but I thought there would be a few more surprises and at least a couple more songs. a couple of change in order of the songs and a lot of shout out for the Irish if it wasn't for them I could have been any other stadium gig.
  5. They did ok for a local band cheers Noel for that.
  6. £32 for a tour tshirt

    Just back from Dublin and for the life of me I can't understand charging 35 euros for a tour tshirts and 80 for a hoodie. im told it was 25 pounds for the same t shirts in London so why charge 35 in dublin i never bought one but the show was amazing 1 st time in Dublin at a u2 gig I hope it won't be my last.
  7. There's been lots of killings by both sides both wrong
  8. your age, and how many shows you've been?

    Still 34 but will be 35 on Saturday
  9. your age, and how many shows you've been?

    I'm 53 and I've been to 34 gigs the first one was at tiffanys in Glasgow and the last 2 were at the hydro but it will be 35 come Saturday
  10. JT 2017 Filming

    Hope it's dublin
  11. £32 for a tour tshirt

    just back from one of the greatest gigs I've been to in 40 years a band that I had never given a second thought a band that I've never bought or listened to there CDs KISS what a night what a show, and I got there official tour t shirt for £20
  12. Yet another CC entry question

    At the iron maiden show in Glasgow we were told to bring photo I'd the credit card the tickets were booked on and also the email. but on arrival all we had to show was the credit card this was swiped and then a ticket was printed to gain access to the standing area. so much for a ticketless concert
  13. £32 for a tour tshirt

    All ready used my code. was at the simple minds in Glasgow last night and they didn't have many tour tshirts but they were only £25 im also going to see kiss a week on Saturday that should be interesting as they would sell every bit of tat for a price.
  14. £32 for a tour tshirt

    Went to see iron maiden in Glasgow on Tuesday they had 15 tour tshirts each one top quality each one had colour pictures and tour dates each one only £25 so looking at u2 tour tshirts someone is making a pretty penny. im glad I'm not the only ne who thinks the price is ridiculous
  15. your age, and how many shows you've been?

    I'm now 53 and I have been lucky in the sense I've seen u2 34 times starting in Glasgow in 1981 but this will be my first time going to there backyards which was on my bucket list.