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  1. Snow Patrol and Kaiser Chiefs. I like them, but have seen them and I prefer something new. I'd like Noel Gallagher, Stereophonics, One Republic.
  2. I agree, I don't like paperless either, being a collector of everything U2. Luckily there will certainly be other souvenirs for sale at the venue, like a tour programme, poster, etc...
  3. I always like to travel abroad for concerts, if the Tour starts early this summer I'd try to combine my planned seaside vacation to Croatia with one or maybe two shows (Zagreb, Venice- did they ever play in Venice? or Milano) but I'd like to see them push more to the East too, like Budapest and Bucharest. If the first European leg is indoors in autumn/winter then I'd prefer Vienna. If there is a second European leg next year I'd like to see them in France, maybe in Nice at the new stadium
  4. I hope it's early enough in 2014 to start the European tour in spring or summer.
  5. Good ol' universal hook Achtung Baby... fingers crossed. Depeche Mode (or their entourage) also implied this year that their latest is "best since Violator", "a lot like Violator",...etc.
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