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  1. Hi ,based in the UK. My subscription expires on 31/01/2020. I fortunately eventually received my fabulous 2019 Gift. As others are also saying this "Gift" is still showing as the current Renewal Gift. Would like to renew soon before 31/01/2020, incase I forget!! Are we likely to have details of the 2020 Subscription soon? And therefore I'll wait, or renew and risk duplication ,with all the hassle that involves. Thank you , and wishing all on here a Happy, Healthy and successful 2020 x
  2. Good Night from me in the UK. Let's see what tomorrow brings!!!!!!
  3. Wasn't lucky enough to win tixs unfortunately , but as I'm at a theatre in the area this after noon for a matinee performance think I will probably hang around and at least listen to it from the outside. Somewhere . Better than nothing I suppose. Those lucky enough to have tixs have a fabulous evening , very envious.
  4. Well done, Have you checked the Ticketmaster site,,?
  5. Non for me either Good luck to everyone else .
  6. As above, Can we European s (And rest of world) please have clarification as soon as you know. Thankyou
  7. Yes , have read others having same problem which is why he is thinking of ordering via another "Partner"! If I can find out who they are !.Seems a shame it appears can't currently order via website.!Maybe just busy
  8. Like quite a few people on hear, still waiting for the Official heads up on when those of us living in Europe (UK in my case) and not buying tixs for North America need to Renew our subscription by to still qualify!! For presale Tix? Don't particularly want to set up a US Ticketmaster account I'll never use. Think the main. Issue is , If we don't re-sub and verify by 12th November , would this take us out of European Pre-Sale?( though this does seem unlikely).! Also pre-ordering the New Album. Hubby not member of U2.Com , trying to order the Vinyl version for my Xmas Present, through site , but when trys to add to Cart just keep's taking him back to registration screen which he's already completed. Any suggestions ? How to resolve this. The Q&A states can also order from listed partners. below !! Re getting a Pre- Sale code via that route. However no partners listed that we can see. !!Would Amazon for example be an official partner. Sorry for long post , but quite a lot going on in our U2 World at the moment!!
  9. Yes saw them at Wembley Stadium . Used to live around the corner from the Stadium at the time , easy commute home! Twickenham going to be more problematic , remembering last time, but will be there
  10. Fantastic Pre- Sale experience again this morning Now going to Twickenham both dates , so glad didn't use up the full Pre- sale allocation on the first date. Held one back just In case .Thanks again U2.com, have been very good to me over the last few years. Great tixs for I&E last time around, as well as one of the winners to TFI Friday in 2015 when I literally stood inches away from the guys ,and met Bigwave ! Roll on July 17
  11. Thanks for the quick replies. These confirm what I already thought. IF the 2nd show is announced I will certainly try to purchase a couple of tixs. Always a stressful time being a U2 fan when tixs go on sale!!!! Good luck for tomorrow !
  12. Hi , just a quick question before the General Sale tomorrow. Have 3 great seats for 08 July , through the Pre-Sale (Thankyou U2.com) . If for example a much rumoured 2nd date at Twickenham was announced, would I then be able to buy tixs for that date via the normal General Sale.? I know Ticketmaster normally have a maximum per event , but would like to get another 2-3 tixs if 2nd show happened in London or another European city. Don't want to risk loosing the 3 I have!
  13. julieh

    Tickets in yet?

    Have fantastic seats at Twickenham, in and bought within a minute,!! So fast made mistake and getting print your own tix instead of posted ,so hope easy to use!!! Thanks again U2.Com and the mods with a special hi to Bigwave who I shared the TFI experience with x
  14. Thankyou I'm sure it will be Great .How can it not !! Don't think I could ever handle Glastonbury though ,too short to see anything and couldn't cope with the often Bad Weather (or Morrissey for that matter!!). Glad you enjoyed it though. Certainly an experience to remember
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