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  1. How would someone contact the red zone check in team for Boston? Someone stole a friend’s credit card to buy a Boston red zone ticket. Wonder if we can prevent the person from using that ticket??? Any help available? Thanks 

    1. Manohlive


      Did you call TM and the credit card company?  I'm not sure what they'd do but TM can cancel tickets so they cannot be used.  If you do call, make sure you call the customer service number and you have the order number/card number info.  I'm no expert on this.  TM's customer service number is:  800-653-8000.

    2. Manohlive


      Were you able to get help?  I'm curious.

  2. I sent you a PM about 2 tix for San Diego.
  3. I live close the stadium too. I plan to get to the parking areas early and hang out in the restaurants that are close to the stadium. The stadium area is called WestGate, and has many restaurants, shops. I am going to do GA if I can get it, but go into the stadium later since I've already done 2 GA's already and been close to the band.
  4. I received an email from the venue stating parking will open at 1pm. I called, but the person didn't know of any parking that will be open earlier, say, for GA folks.
  5. Sorry, correction of onsale time: Tickets for the Irish shows go on sale at 9am on Monday 14th September. I checked TM but they don't have any info online yet, if that time is your local time.
  6. Has anyone asked yet: general sales start 14-Sep at 10:00. Is that 10:00 in your local timezone? So I can log onto Ticketmaster only at 10:00 my time?
  7. I am also eagerly awaiting the news for the Dublin shows, to see if I can make it there! I check the website for 3Arena weekly, and right now the arena is free Nov 21-30, 10 days worth.........guess we'll find out at some point if U2 will take those days.