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  1. Still need a GA?? Just had a friend cancel on me. If so, give me a shout [NO PHONE NUMBERS] i have two available now
  2. Still need a GA?? Just had a friend cancel on me. If so, give me a shout [MOD EDIT: NO PHONE NUMBERS OR EMAIL ADDRESSES, PLEASE. Use PMs instead. Thanks]
  3. Hi. I need one GA ticket. LMK if you need to sell it.

  4. I had a friend cancel on me for Tampa. I have one extra GA floor ticket. I would love to be able to trade my TWO GA tix for ONE RED ZONE if anyone was interested. I could throw in some cash as well to make up the difference. If that doesn't work out, I'll sell my extra GA ticket for face value (about $95 after TM fees). PM if you're interested.
  5. Hi there. I'm in Vancouver now. Are you still interested in trading tickets?
  6. Hi there. Yes, I sure am. What do you propose?
  7. Looking to TRADE my two (2) GENERAL ADMISSION tickets for two (2) lower bowl tickets near the stage. Long story short, I am a lifelong U2 fan and LOVE camping out for great GA experiences. However, I am traveling from FL and attending this show with my loving wife, who "likes" U2, but not quite at the "let's camp out" level. So, I wanted to see if anyone was willing to trade their lower level reserved seats for my GA tickets. Yes, I know these tickets are CC entry only. If we found the right match, I would be willing to meet you and walk you through the gate OR I would just give you my CC card and cancel it right away. That way, you could get into the show and no one else could make purchases It's just a thought. Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details.
  8. fuzzydg

    Trade my GA 6/25 for a 6/24 ticket

    I have an extra GA floor ticket for the second Chicago show on 6/25... I'd love to trade my extra for a ticket to the first Chicago show on 6/24. I prefer GA, but I'm open to suggestions. These are credit card entry tickets, so we would have to line up and enter together.
  9. fuzzydg

    June 25th GA

    I have an extra GA for 6/25... I'd love to trade for a ticket to 6/24, preferably GA.
  10. fuzzydg

    TRADE or BUY: 1:1 -- Wed 6/24 GA for 6/28 Sunday GA

    David, Would you be willing to trade your extra GA (6/24) for a GA to the following night (6/25)? I have an extra for night 2 (6/25). I'd love to go both nights. Obviously we'd have to line up and enter together both nights. Daniel