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  1. Hand on heart ... if anybody in the community heard one of the three new songs by U2, but it was released by *any other band* .... would you still think the songs are great, just 'good' or very 'meh'?
    Are people blinded by being 'a fan', verified or not?

    1. economicformula


      I reluctantly agree...BUT I have to agree. However, U2 have meant too much to me from 18 to 53 to not just let them do their thing !

  2. Some great comments on this thread - can agree with all points of view - good and bad. Clearly the band played 80% of the set as a direct timeline. War >> Unforgettable Fire >> The Joshua Tree >> Miss Sarajevo >> ATYCLB >> Vertigo. Good idea but - this is where opinion is subjective - could have been better. My good and bad, from mid-tier seat 2/3 down from stage... The Bad/'Meh'/Poor By the nature of the songs and album running order, having massive anthems early potentially robbed the latter part of the concert of momentum. I was at Wembley in '93 and the Sarajevo link up killed the happy vibe and we struggled to get going again. I know that the band crusade for things and bring awareness, that's all part of it. But I think yet again, now I'm a father, I found the images from Syria depressing. Perhaps that's the point, but I can watch the news for that kind of thing. I don't want to pay £187 for the privilege. On that note, I can think of a dozen better songs they could have played from that era. Why no Hawkmoon or God Part II ? ;-) Why not Hawkmoon or God Part II (yes - I know. Just emphasising!) Detuned songs. Songs like Pride are now so heavily detuned even I can sing them (I'm 45 and always struggled with the high notes!!!) without breaking a sweat. Pride seems wrong now. A few others are like that but thats one of the more noticeable. Red Hill Mining Town - agree with points made before. Where's the guitar? It didn't work with the piano - in my opinion. I don't feel that Beautiful Day still works. For me it's now a bit 'meh'. Elevation on the other hand, awesome. From my vantage point, the whole floor was jumping. Ending with Noel Gallagher then just disappearing. Hmmmm. Not sure about that...great song, anthemic and all that. But yeah. Some of the visuals were a bit naff. Compared to ZooTV, PopMart etc, film of trees and things. What was the point? Draw attention to the band? That worked because the visuals were dull, mostly, so I just watched the tiny figures on stage - like I would have done if I were at a 1987 concert. Was that the point? Wille Williams is an arrogant cock anyway. ;-) Bono 'talk singing'. Play this version of Bono back to the 1984 version of Bono, and I wonder if he like what he sees? He's just short of doing that old man thing of 'singing ahead of the lines'. So many old timers do it. Is it age? Dunno. But he's got a gift of a voice. I know we all have some version or other of these songs in our heads, whether it's the album, the Rattle & Hum film, ZooTV versions or whatever, but jeeze c'mon man, sing the bloody songs. Running to Standstill is a beautifully sad song. Well with vocal range. So what's with the talking/narrative? Comes across as lazy - and I don't want that as a fan. Am I asking too much? Dunno. But watch back on earlier versions. Especially ZooTV with the majestic 'hallelujah' ending. Vertigo is another that's suffered (in the verses). In the same vein, vocally One sounds tired. A song I've always loved but it's not been sung with the apparent passion of the original recordings for a while now. Again - my opinion. Bono's accent seems odd these days. Perhaps it's the echo in Twickenham but his talking-in-broken-sentences-approach was odd to me. Made me feel odd anyway. And yeah - he spoke for too long at the end. Edge's Dad dancing. First noticed it on the I+E tour. Where's that come from ;-) There were times he'd rip into old school Edge but hah - yeah it's weird ;-) Again - age? The Good Hearing The Joshua Tree played in it's entirety, live. Which covers most of the concert. Which also means hearing songs live I never thought I'd hear. Exit, In God's Country, One Tree Hill. 25 years of U2 concerts (first was ZooTV '92 and I've seen every tour since at least once) and hearing these live was a GOOD thing. The aggressive version of U2. Bullet, Exit and to some extent Elevation and Vertigo were loud, proper rock songs. Exit was stunning visually and Bono played that part amazingly. Edge's loud raucous guitar. The 2017 additions to the songs shows that they still have an immense creative force even with 30 year old tunes. As mentioned in 1 (above) it's also a good thing that anthems were played so early. Tricky to follow on but they mostly chose great songs for the third act. The new song - 'Little things'. I have stayed away from YouTube so this was my first listen. I immediately loved the melody of the chorus. The bridge. Then it all kicked off. A proper wow moment. Will listen to it again but it's great to hear something brand new in that setting. Doesn't happen, ever. A nice nod to the future. I mention the imagery above, but the screen itself was amazing. SO clear. Vision mixing some of the effects, such as Bullet and Exit were stunning for their clarity. Willie Williams is still an arrogant cock though. The intro to Streets. Goosebumps every single time. It's SUCH an anthem, but choosing this moment to fire up screen was inspired. Can't do much about the ambient light, but it's such a bright screen it didn't really matter. The fact that they remained more true to the album versions of the songs. Still Haven't Found, One Tree Hill, Bullet for example, all sounded like they went back and played them like the album. Don't get me wrong, ZooTV and I+E versions of Bullet and Running to Standstill were stellar, but was nice to see these. Wow - sorry I droned on there. But too late to edit/cut it short now. Hmm seems like there's more bad than good, but generally I'd say the whole thing was a great experience. The bad things stuck out but I could list every song they played and mention some awesome points from each - we'd be here all day! So very glad I got to see a Joshua Tree tour as I wasn't really into music in 1987 - a point I wish I could change! Glad I got to hear new songs. Glad I got to witness Exit, hear that Streets intro again. Glad I got to see my long time favourite band again. We're all ageing and the truth is, we never want our heroes to age, get old and tired. But for a second there - when Bono came onstage as The Shadow Man, wearing the cowboy hat ... from a distance ... he had the same gait, swagger, silhouette of that younger version of himself. He was that person again ... I was transported back to 1987. Surely - to some degree, that was the point! HOLD OUT YOUR HANDS!
  3. Ha ha. They had a life outside the band in the early 80's. From 1981 to 1987 we had Boy, October, War (plus Under a Blood Red Sky), The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree. No problems with quality there I can tell you. Five albums in what, six years? There's a video somewhere of Bono complaining it took THREE MONTHS to record The Joshua Tree saying something like it took waaaaay too long. There's a fine line blurring perfection and creation. I bet a lot of what we'll NEVER HEAR will resonate with fans around the world as awesome. Listen to the 'Baby' versions of Achtung Baby, or the Hansa Studio tapes. There's some genius stuff in there that most bands would probably rip their arm off to be able to release. However listen to Mercy. There's an 'original' version online which I heard and could NOT believe it wasn't released. It's raw, un-mixed but genius. I met Bono in Dublin in 2009 and I asked him "how can you come up with a song like Mercy and not release it? Writing lines like "Love is when I lie, Love puts the blue back in my eyes" - it's just genius" and his answer? "You Heard Mercy? Do you like it?" (we said yes, of course and he replied "You know that could be the best song U2 have ever written! We just gotta find the f***er who leaked it :-)" When I heard it was being played on 360 I was excited. However Bono had tinkered and changed it. Quite a lot. And I didn't like the 'released/live' version as much. That's personal taste. So sometimes it could be best to release what you've written in that moment, as the moment is what a song is all about, no? Re ticket purchasing - I have a very very fast Internet connection thanks and was sat online concurrently using various computers. Still didn't win for GA tickets. However I have seats. Not what I wanted but pre-sales are, these days, a lottery.
  4. Hi, I have a ticket for this Saturday's show at Twickenham available. Seated, Block M31 row 69 so that's East Stand, Middle Tier. My best mate, my wife and I are attending. Two out of the three of us have been to concerts from every U2 tour since ZooTV 1992, and this'll be my wife's second U2 concert so whether you're an old hand or new to the band, we're a good bunch to sit with. I have already printed the tickets - see image attached. I always buy 4 tickets and never have a problem selling them but typically, this year, so many friends/family are on holiday this week. It's incredible. Face value of ticket is £170. I won't ask for additional booking fees etc.
  5. A huge number of genuine fans have had BIG problems trying to get hold of pre-sale tickets thanks to 'The Machine' of LiveNation, TicketMaster and SeatWave, to which ultimately U2 belong as a Live Nation band. Every tour it seems that, even for subscribers, it gets harder to get good tickets to see our favorite band. I remember the madness outside Earls Court, London in 1992 for ZooTV when the overnight queue for tickets broke down early the next day, causing a stampede over people still sleeping because people were crashing the queue. U2's attempt to stop touting/scalping meant that you had to apply in person to get a band on your wrist, BEFORE you could go in and buy tickets. Tickets were limited to 4 per person but by the time we got to the door, it was cut to 2. Since then the Internet has happened and made ticket buying worse. Ticketmaster cause nearly all of that particular misery, and now they seem to have legalised touting by selling hundreds of thousands of tickets through SeatWave. And the worst thing? There has been ZERO COMMENT from the band. Why would they? Bite the hand that feeds... It seems that, whether a member of Propaganda, or U2.COM, a pre-sale token no longer guarantees you a ticket to the gig of your choice. Many people signed up on the day, paying $50 for an access code, that was effectively useless. I believe that this is something the band, the site and Live Nation seriously need to address. So the question that stands is this: Is it still worth the hassle for a long term fan like me to keep paying $50 a year for U2 subscription, when the pre-sales are worthless, the band seem more interested in doing anything BUT making new music, and the content refresh and news happens so infrequently? I bet most fans subscribe because of the pre-sale. We have all of the music a dozen times over already (Album > CD > Special Editions > iTunes etc). U2 COULD have hit on a trick of giving their last album away free to U2.COM subscribers a week before it hit iTunes. We would have been so much more grateful for THAT than the thousand's who complained that Bono was spamming their music library! I just don't know. I feel jaded. I feel like Joshua Tree 2017 may be my last gig ... 22 gigs in several countries across every tour. A pilgrimage to Dublin in 2009 where we met the band. Subscription for years to Propaganda and the website. Being realistic - the hassle MAY be too much next time. Bono CAN'T sing anything like he used to. He croons like Neil Diamond most of the time. Big songs are detuned... This could be the dawning realisation that the journey is ending. That I really did see the band peak during ZooTV and everything since has been 'good' but not 'great'. After the summer concerts, and if we EVER see that other album come to light ... we'll see.
  6. I love the heading of this topic. What CAN we do? We're constantly thrown to the Ticketmaster fire. What can we do if this monolith of a company keep treating fans to such poor service, yet charging extortionate fees for the privilege?? Hmmmm ...
  7. You'd better be quick! I heard there's another pre-sale but I'm sure, once again, all of these will go to scalpers and end up on Seatwave!
  8. So bit of a rant - will try and keep it short. Ticketmaster. Why the hell are these still the #1 site bands use? My buying experience in the Wires pre-sale saw our reasonable seats go further back and further up as the site crashed during purchase phase a number of times. Instead of being above crowd level nr B-Stage, we are now middle tier, 3/4 down the stadium. NOT what we wanted. We wanted Red Zone. Not available to pick on Ticketmaster. However - there are PLENTY of tickets available on GetMeIn, Seatwave, ViaGoGo. This should not be allowed. AT ALL. These are PRESALE TICKETS and I understand U2.com are tracking these. However some of these sites are run by ... Ticketmaster, and when Ticketmaster says "there are no tickets", they then direct you to these reselling sites. Ticket touting is supposed to be illegal - yet TM do it? My mate trying for GA at an alternative gig again in Wires pre-sale. Not had any availability all day since 9am. when he picked some that came up on Pitch 2 - site crashed. It's ten hours later and still nothing. So - what is the value in getting access to pre-sale - if there is NO AVAILABILITY for pre-sale buyers? You can bet that GA will be made available to the public on Monday. As a subscriber we should get access to tickets IF THE TICKETS ARE THERE. That's what we pay a subscription for. Because we like the band THAT MUCH we spend $50 a year just for site access, and occasionally a pre-sale code. If Tom can't get tickets until the public sale - his pre-sale code is effectively worthless. We are both of the same opinion - the 2017 gift had better be bloody good after the stress Ticketmaster has ONCE AGAIN caused us today.
  9. I'm the same although mine lapsed a little longer. It doesn't appear that any backwards checks on longevity have been made. Being a paid up member since Propaganda days didn't do me any good. Having said that - neither did having a pre-sale code in the end anyway! all tickets unavailable in Wires pre-sale from the get-go!
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