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  1. That is the case for me. Mom passed away after hospital stay right near renewal. A couple weeks late on renewal and first time ever that I had to miss out on the first day of presale. Tickets were so much easier to come by and considerably less expensive when I first started my U2 journey!
  2. I was finally able to get ticketmaster app working and it is showing no seats of any kind available for Chicago. So does that mean there are no more presale seats for today? I have never had this problem, always got my tickets in first 20 minutes.
  3. Been trying for first level tickets since 9am and I keep getting the error message. I have cleared my cache twice. I have tried to load the ticketmaster app on my phone but it is stuck on loading screen. I tried another city just to see and got right in with plenty choices for tickets. Why is it so difficult to get anything for Chicago? This is very disappointing.
  4. Decided to take my 14 year old son who has never seen U2 and looking for something 1st or 2nd level or even GA. Anyone not able to use their tickets or have extras? I took my husband day 2 but my son is really wanting to go and would rather not be 3rd level and/or behind the stage for his first show. I was GA my first U2 show 30 years ago and was just a little older than he is.
  5. Thanks! Yes I did find my order number there but when I tried to look at the order details I got another error message. I did finally today (6 days later) get an email from someone at ticketmaster who sent me a confirmation. So I now have my printed tickets. Next task the ticket insurance company who charged me twice and one time was more than double what it should have been...
  6. It seems several people including myself thought they were unable to purchase tickets due to a call customer service error popping up on the buy ticket screen. When actually the sale went thru. My experience comes with tickets showing released and no emails from ticketmaster and not on my account. I did get an email from insurance. That and my credit card being charged are the only way I could tell I may have tickets. Contacted ticketmaster and they say I have them. But I am a person who needs physical proof. When I try to look at the order number they give me it just shows an error message. Do I really have tickets? I would like a confirmation that I bought them other than the $589 on my credit card. That's a lot of money to not be sure! The first agent I talked to said I would get email in 48 hours. That never happened. Do check your credit cards if you got an error message when you clicked buy tickets.
  7. I feel your pain. I supposedly have 2 tickets to Chicago with no email from ticketmaster and nothing in my account listed. Just a charge to my credit card for just shy of $600 and a ticketmaster agent saying I have tickets. No confirmation at all. I am a wreck worrying about if we will get in and by then it's too late to dispute the charges to my card. I need something from them showing my tickets are valid.
  8. I had the same error! I got this 3 times but kept trying to buy the same tickets the three times. I actually saw the tickets get released due to time running out. I then tried to buy tickets thinking I didn't have any but my code would not work. Then I got an email from my credit card saying I was charged $589 and from insurance thanking me for my order. Nothing from ticketmaster. No tickets on my ticketmaster account. This was Thursday and still nothing. I have talked to them and emailed them and they tell me I have seats but why don't I get an email?? I have no confirmation. Its like I didn't buy them. Will I be able to get in? I am not sure. It is Chicago so I believe its paperless. I just wish I had a confirmation email.
  9. No. Nothing appears on my ticketmaster account and I did not receive a confirmation number or message when I clicked on buy nor did I get any communication regarding my tickets from ticketmaster. I was actually trying to buy tickets still when I discovered an email from my credit card company saying I had been charged and from the insurance saying thank you for purchasing insurance. So I checked my account and there were no tickets. I tried to search for orders and nothing came up until I entered my credit card number. I found an order number but no order details come up. Only an error message. I have never bought from ticketmaster with no purchase emails or it not show up on my account, especially after 4 days. I am even more worried because my transaction never showed completed at check out and it showed my tickets released on the screen. I have pending almost $600 worth of tickets and have nothing showing I purchaed them other than a confirmation number with no order details....
  10. We got the same email and we also have RZ tix for Chicago on night one. I am interested to hear what this is all about too! Anyone? I didn't get any confirmation or email at all for Chicago but yet they say I have tickets because I can do a search and come up with a order number and my card is charged. I am so worried since I don't have any confirmation. If you have an order number, you are good. That's what you will need at Will Call to pick up your tix. I am curious. Did the charge go through or does it say "pending". Our charge says pending. Feeling very nervous. This does not seem good!!! Credit card is pending. So are 2 different charges for insurance. No email from ticketmaster at all. Not even the one mentioned above. Also worried because my transaction never did anything past the buy screen. Just said to call customer service and then said seats were released. I didn't think I even had tickets til my credit card emailed me.
  11. We got the same email and we also have RZ tix for Chicago on night one. I am interested to hear what this is all about too! Anyone? I didn't get any confirmation or email at all for Chicago but yet they say I have tickets because I can do a search and come up with a order number and my card is charged. I am so worried since I don't have any confirmation.
  12. Trying for Chicago tickets. I could not get ticketmaster to work on my computer so switched to phone app. I got all the way to the buy screen and it told me there was a problem and to call customer service. It then brought me back to the buy screen so I tried again twice and same error message. Then a few minutes later it said my tickets were released. I noticed a short while later an email confirming my insurance purchase and an email from my credit card with the charge pending. But I have not received anything from ticketmaster and it doesn't appear on my ticketmaster account. The only way I can locate the order of my searching with my credit card for my order number and even then it will not give me any order details. Ticketmaster says as long as I have an order number I have tickets but I am a bit concerned since it said my tickets were released and I never got a confirmation number during the purchase or an email yet. Today I show a second charge pending for insurance. Since I didn't think I had tickets originally I tried to buy different tickets but it said there were no tickets left for that promotion.
  13. Ok I went to the search for my online orders section of my account and it shows an order for U2 tickets today but when I try to go into order detail it gives me an error message and says to call customer service (impossible to get thru right now). So I have been charged by my credit card, have the insurance confirmation, and it shows in my orders, but there is no email, doesn't show on my account as purchased, and it won't let me look at the details of the order, as well as the fact that my phone app said the tickets were released. So I don't know what to think. I broke down and got the $300 seats too so not happy $600 is out there and I don't even know if I have tickets. My code doesn't work so hoping that means that its because I have tickets already....
  14. I guess I have tickets? I got an email from my credit card showing my transaction, and from the insurance but nothing from ticketmaster and doesn't show up on my account. This must have been from when it prompted me to call customer service when I tried to buy, but can't get thru to them on the phone. App also showed my tickets were released so I don't know what happened. Hoping I can get thru to talk to someone.
  15. I see people are getting tickets to Chicago but when I put in for any kind of ticket on phone app it says sorry no tickets available and on computer it says there are no tickets left for this promotion.
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