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  1. U2Girl1966

    Hotel/transportation to show tips?

    If you're staying in the Loop, there will be enough fans leaving the shows, that really, you can walk from the UC to your hotel. Probably about a 20 minute walk. I'm in Chicago, so holler if anyone is looking for things to do, places to eat if you plan on staying in town a few days.
  2. U2Girl1966

    VIP tickets

    Because you only live once and I haven't been able to get GA for either Chicago show, I just caved and got the $600 some odd VIP ticket for the second Chicago show. (!!!!!!!) So. Who has gotten VIP tickets from past tours? What do you get? Back stage tour? Nice swag? What sort of chances of meeting the band? OMG SO EXCITED!
  3. U2Girl1966

    Problems with General Sale

    No GAs were available for Chicago at 10 am. WTF. All that's coming up is seats behind the stage or overpriced 100 level seats. WHO THE FUCK GOT ALL THE GAs? So here I am, a 30 year fan, long time fan club member but I don't have tickets. SO tempted to cancel my membership. Time to drink.
  4. U2Girl1966

    U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Ditto. Still no GA for Chicago. (Using code for iNNOCENCE presell) also don't have it in me for seats behind the stage. I'll keep trying but will probably (hopefully)get tix in next weeks general sale.
  5. U2Girl1966

    U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I don't blame the band. I blame the scalpers who caused the band to go in this direction. I blame Live Nation and TM for being greedy. I have been a life long fan and a long time member. I did not get tickets today. While I know I can probably get tickets during the general sale, and that I can use my codes for any possible added dates (Chicago), I'm honestly done. I will no longer renew my membership. This band is my church. Right now I feel like my church has abandoned me. And that breaks my heart.
  6. U2Girl1966

    Hotel Issues

    For those of y'all coming in from out of town, it might be worth checking out hotels in the suburbs and either renting a car or taking the El or Metra into downtown for the show. Evanston, Il (the burb just north of the city - where Northwestern University is - is an easy El ride. From Evanston on the purple line and then transfering to the red line, it takes just over an hour to get to downtown Chicago. (also known as The Loop). Just a thought. (I mentioned Evanston since I work there and it really is easy to get anywhere on the El or Metra. Just takes some planning) Hope to see y'all there! SO excited another date was added!
  7. U2Girl1966

    Did anyone score RZ for Chicago?

    I still have 2 codes left, keeping fingers crossed that another Chicago show is added because I am going for Red Zone if that happens. Can't afford it but, um, that's why (insert deity you worship here) created credit cards, right? See y'all in June!
  8. U2Girl1966

    Chicago facebook Group

    I met SO MANY amazing people last tour, looking forward to seeing y'all again in June!
  9. U2Girl1966

    MODS: Presale code now struck-through [MERGED]

    Used 2 for Chicago GA, saving the other 2 for a possible second show, code is struck out. I know y'all are working on it. Thanks in advance for all your work!
  10. U2Girl1966

    Have To Count!

    25353 Happy New Year to all!!! 175 more days til our boys are in Chicago! I hope everyone has a great 2015! Hugs to all!
  11. U2Girl1966

    Christmas card exchange

    Love all the cards! And the magnet! And the recipe! Y'all are so creative!
  12. U2Girl1966

    Have To Count!

    22508 I am being a lazy slug today.
  13. U2Girl1966

    Which hotel?

    Y'all, Chicago is just like any other big city. You just have to be aware of your surroundings. The United Center is on a bus route and quite honestly, cabs cost a first born and Chicago drivers are crazy. Maybe since I live here, I'm just used to it. By choice I do not have a car so I depend on public transportation. It's really not as bad as everyone says it is.
  14. U2Girl1966

    Single seats left for Chicago 1 and 2

    I was just looking out of curiosity, cheapest I could find (I have GA for 6/25, right now all I can swing is nosebleed) was about $100. I might have to pounce on that.
  15. U2Girl1966

    Have To Count!

    22440 And finally, I have already had an entire bottle of wine.