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  1. So I got this from TM: Me: I am coming from the USA. I will be getting a Sim card once I arrive in NZ so I will have a different phone number. Will it be OK to change my phone number in my TM account once I arrive in NZ so I get my digital tix? Not sure what to do. I am going to both shows in Auckland. Thank Liz TM: Yes, that will be fine as your tickets will be viewable from your Ticketmaster account. More information on Mobile Tickets can be found here - I hope this helps. Khryss | Customer Service Ticketmaster New Zealand Me: So just to clarify- the tickets are not necessarily sent to my phone via a text, they will be on my TM account w/ the QR scan or bar code? Thank you Liz Dunn TM: Hi there, Yes, that is correct. Kind Regards, Jodi | Customer Service Ticketmaster New Zealand I haven't heard back from Ticketek yet.
  2. Yeah, I suppose.....I did finally find the phone number in the 'billing' section not in 'profile' as I thought so I think I can change it once I get to NZ. Thanks, Max
  3. OK so I've got GA for both nites in Auckland..WHEEE.. but I just thought oh oh..cuz when I get to Auckland I have to get a Sim card f or my phone ( I have always done this when traveling) so that means I will have a different number than what was listed in TM, NZ. I just went to TM NZ to see if I can change it & I don't see where I can change my phone number at all when I get to NZ?? Went to profile, billing etc. ????
  4. I also hit the 'update' button next to it--don't know if you have to or not but I did & it went thru
  5. You have to put the + in the second area it asks for the phone number. I had the same trouble..keep the first one how you normally would put it For USA the first one would be 18081234567 for the 2nd one it would be +18081234567 That worked for me
  6. I was in tears at one point but everyone on this forum was so helpful & kept giving me great suggestions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you all!!
  7. Finally got tix for Sydney & Adelaide!! have to put +1 in the 2nd box for phone & hit update. Thank you sooo much, everyone, for helping & I really hope to meet up w/ all of you there! ALOHA!!!!!🌴
  8. I did put the + in several times & it then says I have a nonnumeric item in the number!!
  9. yes I pre registered & no trouble w/ my mobile number but now it is saying I need to put in an international number if i am not entering an Aus number
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