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  1. Got GA tickets today through Ticketmaster France. There was an option for mailing to the UK but skipped that and opted for "print your own ticket", which still cost something like € 1.45 but the tickets came with the confirmation email and I've now got them in my hand!
  2. Yet another rip-off!

    Since there's no shows for Scotland again this tour I decided to try for Paris. Logged on at 10am and sure enough, timer on website just kept going round and round (had 4 separate pages open across 2 PC's) and it was like this for nearly 50 minutes. Sometimes when I tried to open a new page I was getting the message that the code wasn't valid either! Anyway, at about 10.50 I opened a new page and got straight through and with the option of tickets for anywhere in the venue and got 2 for GA! So, keep trying!