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  1. St. Louis needed this show. U2 have played in war zones before it could've been an Epic night.
  2. satsignal

    GA Tickets available

    I bought 2 tickets thru Fan Club for Cleveland. Unfortunately I have found out today that I won't be able to make the trip to Cleveland. Not sure how I can sell 2 GA tickets for face value to someone that can make the show. Ticketmaster will not let me. resell. Any Ideas? or I guess I'll be eating the tickets what ashame and waste. Plus I'm bummed for not being able to see the show.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I have 2 GA tickets for Cleveland. Work told me, I can't have that weekend off now. I saw I had the Sell button on my TM site. Cancelled my airline and cancelled my hotel. went to resell my tickets It would let me. If the Sell button wasn't there I would of told my boss I couldn't get out of it. Now, I'll be eating those tickets. I've been email TM but everyday I get a different customer repersentive. I'm still going to see them in Chicago but It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. Have you heard any news on selling your tickets? I'm in the same situation I have 2 GA tickets for Cleveland and I can't attend now. and can't sell my tickets. Ugh
  5. satsignal

    I would love them to OPEN with 'Streets' ! (MERGED)

    Sort of Homecoming would be a good open.
  6. satsignal

    How many of you were at the original Joshua Tree tour?

    St. Louis. Game 7 of the World Series. Cardinals vs Twins. Bono comes out wearing a Cardinal's jacket.
  7. satsignal

    Soldier Field Overhang (MERGED)

    Here is a good link to show your section. It's 360 view scrool up and see the overhang I hope this takes any worries away.
  8. satsignal

    who thinks they will play Joshua Tree backwards?

    Edge brought up that they might start with side 2. Red Hill, God's Country, Trip thru, One Tree, Exit, Mothers, Streets, Looking for, with or without, Bullet to blue sky, Running to stand still. Which I think gives the build up they're looking for and good transition from Mothers to Streets and ending with running to stand still. I would think they wish they could butt bullet to blue sky and Exit next to each others. Who knows? It will be great just hearing them live again.
  9. satsignal

    Where is the Main Stage at MSG?

    Check out the invisible video. I wonder if that might be it.
  10. Check out the stage in the Invisible Video. It looks similar.