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  1. apdjohn

    Dublin Red Zone

    Ok thank you for the reply.
  2. apdjohn

    Dublin Red Zone

    Anyone go to the I+E shows in Dublin in 2015? How was the red zone situated? I've seen the maps for the current tour but some folks have said they might not be accurate?
  3. apdjohn

    San Diego red zone needed!!

    Need one red zone for San Diego i anyone has an extra. Thank you
  4. Looking for one red zone if anyone has an extra thank you
  5. apdjohn

    Red Zone for LA this Wednesday

    Hi everyone, I am looking for RZ for this Wednesday at the Forum, if anyone has late dropouts or extras it would be appreciated! Thanks
  6. apdjohn

    Red Zone Tix I can't use for May 26th, 27th, (LA)

    All Red Zones are will call........at least for the LA shows........look at the Ticketmaster website, under the "Red Zone" packages. It clearly states they are wc.
  7. apdjohn

    Red Zone Tix I can't use for May 26th, 27th, (LA)

    Hi Michael, I sent you a private message regarding these tickets, let me know, thanks