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  1. Thanks to you guys I wasn’t ripped off.
  2. Thanks I have stepped back because of the suggestions by the people like you.
  3. I have one spare GA ticket for the 1st show at MetLife and wish to trade it for the 2nd show. Mine is CC entry, so you need to go inside with me. Let me know with PM if it works for you.
  4. tmyshkzm

    GA Trade: my 23rd // your 26th

    I have a single GA ticket, hard ticket, for the 23rd show and want to trade it for the 26th show. I live in Brooklyn, NY and wish to meet up with you to exchange at somewhere in the city. Tell me if you will.
  5. tmyshkzm

    GA Trade: my NYC, 7/19 // your Boston, 7/14

    Thanks everyone. I've finally got one.
  6. If you could and would, please let me know. Thanks, Tomo
  7. Let me know if you're interested.