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  1. So do we think Manila is really the end.. no more news on Mumbai or elsewhere?
  2. YES!! I did want to see the last now wondering if I can sell Seoul and/or some Australia tix to allow me to do last show in Manilla
  3. I get hopeful just unlikely at this point I'd think.. Good point(s) on China but they (U2) also try and break the barriers so I figured they might play but your point on Tibet is definitely valid. I just thought a month tour was awfully short given the production so thought maybe China, or extending to South Africa, South America, etc. Maybe they will slow boat the production for a few shows in 2020
  4. Little confused on this thread with the count down on how many GA tickets are available. Given the show didn't sell out quickly and there are still tickets why would the promoter i.e Live Nation invest in a 2nd show there and have it not sell well especially when it's the last show. My guess is by now they have all the logistics set for that being the end but given it's 4 months away, maybe not. I am still surprised there was no show in Beijing or Shanghai but guess they didn't want to play China
  5. Thanks for the info. Good thing I took a low number so I should be one of the first 250 people insider outside of the RZ people
  6. Where? I know when it is slated to but no confirmations or anything at this point that I have seen
  7. Actually I mis-typed, the window is still the same, just no new info. So are you implying it still will happen in that window of 11/27-12/4?
  8. So am I the only one thinking this show is getting scrapped? Given the window between OZ and Japan just got smaller seems like this one may not happen.
  9. I see this in my order Total Amount 156,000 Won Ticket Price 154,000 Won Booking Fee 2,000 Won My total charge in USD as $132.43
  10. Thanks Max.. I figured as much so I chose a low number in case as I imagine GA still has no seats
  11. Does anyone know if this has any meaning or is it like the US where the number is really meaningless ? Based on the seat map I could have had a much better 'Seat' but a higher number, just assuming there aren't really seats and the number doesn't mean much?
  12. I'd say I agree with Max but really depends on bank, card etc.. Mine showed up a couple of hours after charging it but I also called my credit card company in advance to say I'd have some foreign transactions from Australia. Just to be safe, I'd call your CC company they may have it on a hold waiting for you to confirm.
  13. Good info.. Thx. Hoping to make it to this one
  14. Just hoping by tomorrow morning to score a ticket then it's worth the drive but for those definite enjoy!
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