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  1. If you will be in the NYC area on Saturday, June 30 (the night between Newark and the MSG July 1 show) there is a GREAT young band called FREAK MYTHOLOGY playing at the famous Arlene's Grocery. Arlene's is a legendary bar that has launched many a great band over the years.... and the location is great for an all night hang.... it's in the Lower East Side, lots of great clubs within a block or two, and real close to the Village. FREAK MYTHOLOGY goes on at 8pm (prompt!) Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a fun night out before Sunday's show! http://freakmythology.com http://facebook.com/freakmythology
  2. Hello, I just managed to get off work, now I desperately need two decent seats to the July 2 show! Anyone have extras??? View is important, as I'm traveling with my 12 yearold son who LOVES U2. He was on the rail for Pittsburgh 360 (his first show), and was blown away. He is a musical savant (piano, guitar, drums, violin, bass), and idolizes the Edge. We'll be driving in from Cincinnati for the show, so could meet you for physical tickets, although would prefer to have them in hand prior if possible (email, etc.). Please let us know ASAP! THANK YOU!
  3. Hello! I just found out I will be in the Bay Area on May 18 and 19, and obviously now must attend at least one of the shows (was already planning to hit Chicago, as part of a 3 day run that goes TH-U2, FRI - Grateful Dead, SAT - Rolling Stones (in Indy)). Anyway, huge fan, caught them all over the US and in Dublin on 360, first saw them on the Unforgettable Fire tour.... PLEASE help me out with a spare to San Jose if you have one! Happy to pay face, obviously! mod edit : please use PM feature, email removed THANK YOU!!!
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