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  1. Surprised some have named Bullet. Some have mentioned With or Without You... This is the song which ignited my love for U2 and is probably my favourite song of all time - by anyone. However, it has been a long time since the band played it with any oomph! Watch the version on the Rattle & Hum video/DVD... It has momentum and drive... These days (and probably since the Elevation Tour) it has been slow and lumbersome. Why they now CHOOSE to play it like this, I don't know. One doesn't seem to have the same oomph it once had either. Beautiful Day and Elevation? I never wanted anything post-Joshua Tree to be played on the tour last year (really thought they should have led into Joshua with 10+ pre-Joshua songs, however I thought both Beautiful Day and especially Elevation - were great performances... certainly the best I had ever seen/heard Elevation. Of the classics, I could live without I Will Follow.
  2. I really think the 'American section' of the show (Staring At the Sun - Pride - Get Out of Your Own Way - American Soul) ought to be ditched in Europe... Perfectly appropriate for the band to have those songs/visuals in the US this year, but it would be good for the European shows to reference what is going on here... The migrant (refugee) crisis and the EU/Brexit situation. Summer of Love, Red Flag Day and Zooropa should all be played for political reference/relevance. Zooropa could be played in the sort of slot Streets has occupied on most of the tours since Zoo TV. They both have the long Intro's so I see a comparison. Have to say, simply as songs, I was absolutely stunned Summer of Love, Red Flag, Landlady and Little Things were not played on the US/Canadian leg (Okay, I know Red Flag was played a few times)... Four of the best five songs on the album (the other being Love is Bigger). P.S. Red Flag and Summer of Love are a pairing and should be played together.
  3. I love The Little Things, but playing it last year when it was an unknown song was not ideal. I've seen other bands unleash new songs at gigs, but I don't think it is a good thing; the audience needs time to get to know a song. However, it should be played at every show in this tour. I love it. As should Landlady, Summer of Love, Red Flag and Love is Bigger...
  4. P.S. there is no need for The Showman ever to make an appearance in full. It's naff.
  5. After a few listens to the album after release, I predicted the Blackout, Red Flag Day and American Soul would be colossal live songs (even though I don't really like the latter). I predicted the show would close with an epic, anthemic, rousing, Love is Bigger Than Anything in it's Way. I had no doubt the wonderful Summer of Love, Landlady and The Little Things that Give You Away would all be played. I was stunned when 4 of the 5 best songs on the album were NOT played on the opening night. I see Red Flag Day has now made an appearance and I hope Summer, Landlady and The Little Things are all in the setlist soon.
  6. I wont open it. I'll keep the cellophane on and it should increase in value quite rapidly......... That said, I have never sold any of my U2 collection. It will be beautifully packaged, I'm sure, but of all the things they could have done, it's not to my taste. The best remixes are the ones where it still sounds like an actual band; Lady With the Spinning Head and Electrical Storm spring to mind. Many U2 'dance' mixes sound a bit cheesy to me. I haven't listened to the Rattle&Hum mixes in many years, but I remember them with... indifference. A Joshua Tree 2018 gig on DVD, CD or even vinyl would have been perfectly acceptable to me - the latter with a download of course. The entire Rattle&Hum Denver (indoor, black and white) or Tempe (outdoor, colour) gigs on DVD, CD or vinyl would have been cracking too. The more I think about it, the complete Denver show in black and white would have been f***ing awesome (I haven't seen much of the indoor Joshua Tree). Even an audio of the Rattle&Hum movie would have been acceptable - especially since it features the best ever versions of With Or Without You and Sunday Bloody Sunday.
  7. Just thinking about this... Am I not correct in saying they always film the DVD show over 2 nights? They never risk putting all their eggs in one basket and filming it on a single night in case there are any band/camera f**k ups (?) That should narrow it down... i.e. the DVD (if there is one coming) will be filmed somewhere with 2 shows.
  8. London? Half the show was in daylight. No chance of a DVD. No chance of a late start in Dublin because it's a residential area, so it will therefore be even brighter. Rome looked good; looked like the sun was long gone by the time Larry walked out. It's the Joshua Tree, so any DVD will surely be from the USA? Maybe one of the autumn/fall shows as the band will be more comfortable than they might have been on the first leg (?)
  9. Without a doubt. Led Zeppelin's John Bonham was a definite influence on Larry for Bullet the Blue Sky and I'm almost certain Bono states that on the TV programme Classic Albums - U2: The Joshua Tree. It will be somewhere on YouTube and is well worth a watch.
  10. Now getting all excited for London, Dublin and Paris... Anyone know if the tour merchandise on sale at the concert is the same as what's available in the u2.com shop or are there additional items available at the concerts? The shirt I bought at Innocence+Experience was/has never been sold on website shop, but was on sale in the arena. And were there any city-specific shirts sold at the American/Canadian shows?
  11. It's a seriously short setlist... The least I would expect is 24 songs, which equals 2 hours. The fact U2 are such a great band with such a great back catalogue... Frustrating. Just think of songs which would have fitted with the tour perfectly... The Refugee... Drowning Man... When I Look at the World... Peace on Earth... Two Hearts Beat as One... The first segment of the show is just 4 songs... Not sure how that will work at Twickenham, which has an early curfew. If they take to the stage at 2030hrs, they should in theory be starting "Streets" at 2050hrs, which will probably still be daylight (!) The first segment needs to be longer.
  12. I would be lying if I expressed anything other than disappointment at the setlist... It is all too predictable; too safe. I really thought they would have a coherent setlist for this occasion; songs which would fit in some way with The Joshua Tree and the things the band have been talking about. I am very much of the opinion that nothing later than the Joshua Tree should be played; certainly not anything later than Rattle & Hum, which is of course tied-in with The Joshua Tree. I've seen the YouTube footage of Beautiful Day and I must say, I was very impressed with it; thought it was fantastic at the start, but I don't really think Beautiful Day, Elevation, Ultra Violet, Miss Sarajevo and One have a place in this set list. I would have built up to the Joshua Tree with songs from Boy, October, War and The Unforgettable Fire... Then played The Joshua Tree and ended with Mother's of the Disappeared (or had an encore of some Joshua B-sides... But NOT Sweetest Thing :-) They have missed some blindingly obvious songs for the times... Drowning Man... The Refugee... Stranger in a Strange Land... Seconds... Two Hearts Beat as One... I was long wondering which of their early songs would make a good show opener... Criteria: an early song en route to us celebrating The Joshua Tree... A Celebration!!! A CELEBRATION I WILL FOLLOW GLORIA TWO HEARTS BEAT AS ONE THE REFUGEE STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND A SORT OF HOMECOMING DROWNING MAN SECONDS THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY SURRENDER OCTOBER NEW YEARS DAY PRIDE PROMENADE BAD WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND… WITH OR WITHOUT YOU BULLET THE BLUE SKY RUNNING TO STAND STILL RED HILL MINING TOWN IN GODS COUNTRY TRIP THROUGH YOUR WIRES ONE TREE HILL EXIT MOTHERS OF THE DISAPPEARED
  13. Like another fan did and posted on this forum last week, I have just spoken with Ticketmaster UK and sure enough they have admitted only a limited number of ticket's and area's are available in the U2 pre-sale. Ticketmaster confirmed this is not their fault; it is the fault of the promoter - U2's promoter! For the 2nd week running, I am being directed to seats in the back corner of Twickenham, which I am not willing to pay £100+ for. I failed in last week's pre-sale; last week's public sale and now this week's pre-sale - With my two pre-sale failure's ultimately being the fault of U2's promoter - Thank you very much!!! But why is Twickenham such a problem?!?!? The other European venues; Paris for example were a breeze. What's more, Ticketmaster UK's website is utter cr*p. I want to choose which block I sit in; I don't want them nominating one for me. I would go standing, but that isn't an option as my mate was recently involved in an accident and can't stand all day. All in all, a thoroughly depressing ticket-buying experience. As for the U2.com subscription; what is the point?!?!?!?!?!?! Letting down the hardcore fans; not good; not good at all.
  14. This is ridiculous - I don't want seats in the back corner of Twickenham - Same shit as last week - FFS offer me somewhere else - An utter shambles!!! All want is two top tier tickets in the stage-half of the pitch; is it too much to ask??? What is the point of taking out a subscription...
  15. I know the Dublin website divided the pitch, but for Paris to have 2 entry points at the stage end and 2 at the opposite end will, I suspect, determine where fans are directed. The Dublin site gave fans the choice. The French site did not. If Paris was just one wide open space, fans coming through the stage end would have an advantage over those entering at the far end.
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