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  1. It’s now summer..so shipping spring 2019 isn’t happening..
  2. Never seen them play trip through your wires...one of my favourites
  3. Audience performance is another matter...I was in the moment when a lil weasel of a fan shoved there way in front of me...started high fiving his buds about how close they were..then took out his phablet and stuck it in my face taking a gazillion pictures so he could post to all his friends how cool he was..totally took me out of the song and gave me feelings of anger at this lil runt.. I finally took out my phone and stuck it in his face..he got the message..as Bono says...people be in the moment...stop taking pictures of the moment..for the love of God..they will release the concert on dvd with much better images than you can ever get..
  4. The show in Montreal Saturday was AMAZING..better than 360 and pop...as good as elevation arena tour and just behind zoo TV..but that was a much younger Bono ..still very relevant..had a punk edge to the show...just rocked..loved it
  5. I hit the button at 12.00 exactly..got to the point of entering code "donate now" and the stupid thing froze..thought I might be in a cyber line but it never went anywhere..panicking I opted for Montreal 2nd night general admission..psyched
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