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  1. Hey all good, I was slightly confused, Australian tour madness has got to me, just hanging out for the live nation pre sale now 😀
  2. Thanks @bigwave. I’ve noted @mich40 has answered a similar question in the opposite so I’m still uncertain 🤷🏻‍♀️ My code doesn’t have a line but I definitely used it 4 times, and don’t want to risk having tix cancelled.
  3. @Max Tsukino I’m sure I know the answer to this already, but just to be sure, can you confirm that for subscribers it’s 4 tickets per tour, not 4 tix per presale (ie presales for second shows in auck, syd). Cheers.
  4. Thanks again. It was weird seeing the time change when I changed my phone around!
  5. Hi Baja - would love to send you msg but I can't access my homepage or account details atm. Have had something similar occuring to me, right now on the home page I am "U2 Fan" although it has put me in as other people. On other pages it recognises me, and I can still see my code, so its ok, but a bit weird. Duly noted- Baja
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