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  1. Ok while I agree in principle the ticket prices are outrageous, it costs a lot of money to put this show on. The band needs to be paid, the stage hands, the equipment, the video board that runs the length of the arena. This all has an expensive price. The band's expenses are paid up front (I'm assuming), and then it's up to the promoters and venues to recoup the cost. So they set the price not the band. Us being angry at the manager/band on ticket price is misdirected. It lands on...maybe Live Nation? Also this tour is sponsored by Salesforce so I am also guessing they are kicking in a bunch of cash to offset the production costs. That, I would think, SHOULD help lower the prices for the tour. But seems to just help Live Nation pad their costs.
  2. I am not so angry about the lack of GA availability. It's a tougher GA floor with the screens limiting floor space and the fact it is indoor. I am mad that despite signing up for general onsale, I didn't get a code to access the sale. So there could be countless of tickets available, but I'll never know or be able to buy them because I don't have a code. My friend got a code, but I wanted to try for GA and I wasn't going to spend as much as he did. But I can't use his code because it's tied specifically to him.
  3. My parents are a bit out of it when it comes to general onsale dates, but are usually there when the tickets go on sale. They didn't do the Fan experience sign up just out of ignorance (I couldn't tell them because I didn't know they were interested). They heard from a local radio station that tix were going on sale at 10 am, they logged in and could not purchase because they didn't have a code. They are fans, but just a bit more aloof about U2 coming around and they were shut out completely. Even if the show isn't sold out, tough luck for my parents.
  4. Yup same for me. I didn't get tix in the presales and was going to try for general to see if the ticket pool was better, but I didn't receive a code to try for general. Oh well.
  5. Nope only pulled the top level and the 325 tix. Not spending that.
  6. I had a long winded response, but essentially what I am telling you is that todays presale has no bearing on the access to tomorrow's tickets access. There will be the same number of GAs offered today that were offered tomorrow, similar sections and price points. Now, whether you get those tickets or not is up to the random draw of the ticketing service.
  7. The way presales generally work, and I am using round numbers here, Each presale is given like 10% of the venues ticket allotment in various sections/price points. So the Experience ones would be a different offering than the Innocent (but about the same section). So lets say the sections close to the stage are Adam's side is section 130 and Edge's side is 1114. The Innocent presale will get rows 1-6 in 130 while the Experience might get the section across from 114 rows 1-6. The Citi presale will get whatever isn't sold, but a worse collection. By that I mean, section 130 row 20-28. These are all general numbers and row numbers. Each presale gets a percentage (we have 3 presales (Experience Innocence Citi). So about 30% of the tickets will be sold out before general on-sale. Then about 5-10% are held back by the promoters for business reasons (tickets for U2 guests, friends of the promoters, say Bill Gates wants to see U2 in Tulsa and knows the owner of Live Nation, press, celebrities, athletes, friends of the corporate sponsorship on the arena, etc). So honestly, before Monday (general onsale) about 50% of the tickets are already gone. The numbers could be lower because some artists demand that their fan club has access to 20-25% of the tickets available (Pearl Jam/DMB). This is why the U2 tickets sell out fast - high demand, and the general public is fighting over about 25-50% of the ticket availability.
  8. Oh that's good. When I checked before, they were posting an 84-334 price range. Glad they brought it back down with the others.
  9. This will be the first tour since 2001 that I miss. Sad about it, but I just can't justify those prices with a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old.
  10. I am in tomorrows presale because I let my subscription lapse until my birthday (march) because I didn't think they would do a spring/summer tour after the JT tour. You will have to let me know if the prices hold true to the link I shared. I bet you will find they will and some may even be more. The ticket price range for DC is higher than some other venues.
  11. There is a topic over in General section that has a seating chart with the breakdown. This tour is too rich for my blood, sadly.
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