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  1. Looking at club level seats in Miami and the add on fees are $64. Are they worth it.....do you actually get club level service for concerts?
  2. 1st gig of the tour for me and I can't wait! Sat in TGI having food.... Should be mandatory that only U2 music is played. Seats tonight but GA tomorrow
  3. Cheers Max, that deals with early re subscription. Mine runs feb to feb. So 1 purchase with 1 years membership and now I'm in a new membership cycle? I suspect this is what's triggered the email today as I'm guessing a lot of members are in same position? All speculation I know.... Perhaps one of the mods can review?
  4. Yeah I get that Max, but since using the code I've re-subscribed? Surely that resets it? To be honest I wouldn't have raised it but the email this morning upped my interest in Dublin gigs.
  5. Did you get an email this morning? I used presale code in Dec 14 to book London tickets. Re subscribed in Feb 15 and got an email with this.... Dear Paul, As a subscriber yet to take part in a U2ieTour presale, we’re pleased to invite you to enter a ticket presale for one of the band’s Belfast or Dublin shows this November. Code in the email is the same as the one I used? So as I re subscribed can I now by 2 tickets for Dublin with the code?
  6. Same here, when I bought seats in 116, I was looking forward to watching the B Stage. Now I'll be watching the back of the main stage. Not what I expected.
  7. For those at the 1st night, if you were sat opposite the 'B' stage in blocks 111/112 I'm assuming you couldn't see the screen? Or is there some sort of end screen?
  8. 2 For Fri at the 02. Nice and easy :-) Now to secure the Thursday via the general sale.
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