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  1. I live in Harlem, and didn't win. I don't think that they check addresses. I really thought this might finally get my daughter and myself in to see them. We haven't been able to afford tickets since the 360 Tour. Congrats to all the winners!! Have an amazing time!!
  2. I'm feeling lonesome....missing my guy....i'm also feeling sleepy...it's after 3am.... Off to bed I go...
  3. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: dreamingoutloud11 wrote: Zhivvy']Had a lovely anniversary - 8 years today! Going out for dinner tomorrow to celebrate it! And a droolfest of a concert! Wow!!!! so worth the wait! Amazing Happy Anniversary, huni! What a amazing way to celebrate. Did you thank Bono in person for planning everything so perfectly for you? His timing was incredible! He must have done lol!!! Had one very happy little girl last night! She loved it - and all the fans she had by the end of the night lol!!! She got gifts from people ... she danced with lots of nationalities and smiled throughout, and slept like a log after lol! Awwww! I'm so happy to hear that she had such a wonderful experience!! I'd love to join the Eleanor fan club too! It's so lovely that people gave her gifts...I'll bet she'll cherish them for years to come! Do you have any video of her dancing? I'll be she looked so cute! Can I say awwww, again?? Awwwww!!
  4. Happy Anniversary, huni! What a amazing way to celebrate. Did you thank Bono in person for planning everything so perfectly for you? His timing was incredible!
  5. Sleep Together-Porcupine Tree I'm going to see them next month....my lovely boyfriend sent me some cd's, so I could get acquainted with them. They're not that well known here in the US. I've listened to Lightbulb Sun, Stupid Dream, and i've just about finished listening to Fear Of A Blank Planet.
  6. OMG! These are so great!! Dress up Bono bag paper dolls! Zhivvy and U2LAWoman, you ladies should patent the idea and make some money! Just love the outfits! I'm so enjoying looking at these before I go to bed! Just wonderful!! You gals are soooooo creative!! Love it!!
  7. These are all so great!! I live vicariously through you gals...since I don't have a Walmart around here... It would be so cool if Bono, during his recovery was clicking around the zoo and saw this. I think he'd get a real kick out of it!!
  8. LOL! Love these Zhivvy! You just keeping coming up with them! What a creative gal you are!!
  9. OMG! This is the best thread ever! Hands down!! I've just read through the entire thing...it's hysterical! You girls are so creative and so funny! I want to get a bag immediately! I live in the states, but I don't think there's a Walmart near me. I'll have to check it out. I'd love to try my hand at this...but I know that I won't hold a candle to any of your creations!! Zhivvy...I love the Bo-nut one you contributed to the muffin thread !!! I also the love the Captain Jack one...geez, they're all so great...I don't know if I could pick a favorite....I love 'em all and I'm pretty sure that Bono would too...who knows...he might be chuckling over them right now! Don't tear a stitch, B!!
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