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    Zoomerang tour, Melbourne Cricket Ground, November 13th, 1993
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    JT30 Chicago 1&2, Toronto
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    In the Ellipse for Vertigo tour Toronto #1, 2005
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    I became an Adam girl in 2005 after spending a show at his feet.
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    Manic Street Preachers!!!

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  1. poptarts

    Innocence emails

    Got my ticket! Saving one code use in case a Toronto show gets announced! Thanks all.
  2. poptarts

    Innocence emails

    I said, "Hi TM, re: U2 Innocence group pre-sale, I have not received my code for today's sale. My registered email is _____ and my registered phone number is ____. Thank you."
  3. poptarts

    Innocence emails

    What do you mean, post my code? I just sent a Tweet to the Mods with an explanation so you can RT that if you like!
  4. poptarts

    Innocence emails

    Issue now resolved - I sent a direct message to TicketMaster Canada on Twitter with my phone number and e-mail and they replied within 5 mins with my code. Yay!
  5. poptarts

    Innocence emails

    I tried but got an error text.
  6. poptarts

    Innocence emails

    Thanks, I'm trying but can't get through yet. 23 mins and no code received.
  7. poptarts

    Innocence emails

    17 minutes have passed since I got my text about Innocence group presale ending with "ACCESS CODE:"... and no follow-up message has been received. What the hell do I do now?
  8. Hey, I'm a little late here. Still recovering! My brother and I had GA numbers 40 and 34 in the original numbering so we were able to situate ourselves on the barrier in front of Adam. A couple short video clips: With Or Without You Exit
  9. poptarts

    Vertigo Edge

  10. poptarts

    Roger Centre Info (link to PDF)

    Yes, the GA line numbers are going now. Go to Gate 6 and look for the Ted Rogers statue. I'm going to do the 3am to 6am shift tomorrow morning!
  11. I was one back from centre mic. Hand on the barrier for support, thanks to Mexican and Polish fans not getting fussy about that. -Streets video -In God's Country video
  12. A couple Insta pics, we were 5 back from centre mic:
  13. poptarts