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  1. Well, that was more stressful than it should be.... why these sites cannot just work i do not know... However, i have two Red zone tickets, so happy days.. I live in the UAE and so have a PO Box as our address - i just changed the location to Singapore and it was accepted. I believe Singapore works with a PO box system too. Just put a 5 digit number as your PO box, location Singapore. and it seems to work... Bought the tickets, and now have changed it back to my UAE address, which should be irrelevant anyway as they are collect at the venue!! Looking forward to a trip to Singapore in November!
  2. Easy one for me - Beautiful Day. Wish they would give that a rest. By far my least favourite - in fact probably the only song in the catalogue that i could quite happily never hear again. And the reason for this - it was in my humble opinion, massively overplayed in the UK, and was featured on 'match of the day' - a British sports program - used to drive me mad!!!
  3. Hi, Great thread, thanks Bigwave. Also a great clip above - Bono's voice has changed so much in the past 29 years. The Joshua Tree is a seminal album for me too. It was my introduction to U2. If I may indulge you with a story - It was October time, must have been 1989 - I was 12 years old, second year of senior school. My school is in a place a called Beckenham, Kent, just out side of London. The school owned a converted chapel in Youlgrave, in the Peak District, Derbyshire, and we were heading up there for a weekend of getting frozen, sorry I mean 'fun' walks and orienteering in the country! We were travelling in a VW minibus, an LT28 (still remember it now - maroon colour, and struggled to do 50mp/h!, bench seats, no seat belts, and 6 hours of being squashed in there...) I had my Sony Walkman, listening to throwaway pop and recordings off the radio... all this was about to change... I felt something down the back of the seat - a battered cassette (remember those!) Clear plastic, case scratched, but the reels seemed ok. What is this? U2 The Joshua Tree. No box or sleeve to look at. Vaguely aware of the band from earlier songs being played on the radio, and the Live Aid concert of 1985, but knew nothing else really. Well, I am stuck on this bus, let's have a listen... Wow! mind blowing! Bigwave has described the intro far better than I could, but I just remember being hooked from that moment on. I hoped the tape would hold out, and it did, side one finished, flipped over to side two, then back again and again, and again! I don't think I listened to anything else, and all the way back home. The opening three songs, the aggression of BTBS, my all time favourite of RTSS, and then the second side (don't want to call it B side as it suggests its not as good as the A...) RHMT, IGC, Exit, just amazing. So how to I find out more about U2? No internet back then, so out shopping! bought the whole back catalogue listened to those non stop too. At Christmas that year Rattle & Hum was on tv - persuaded my mum to record it for me. watched that over and over too! To see the tracks played live and sound as good, if not better than the album. Opening my young mind to live music, to concerts, to politics in general, but especially the Irish situation, to 'new' music (to me!!) - the Beatles with the cover of Helter Skelter, the snippets of Ruby Tuesday and Sympathy for the Devil... When I saw this thread the other day, I put TJT on in the car, and it still sounds amazing, took me back to that first listen, and the next 27 years of following U2. So a bit of an insight into my connection with U2!
  4. Thought I would write a little review - had to get it off my chest! so finally got to see I&E live. U2 at the o2 - shows 3 & 4. Show 3, 29th October - my partner's 40th birthday, so added expectation for a great night. These tickets were bought with my priority code - initially disappointed as I had wanted red zone, but there was an issue with the web site and they had all gone, so ended up with a seat. However, when we arrived, we headed down, down, down to our row - we were only on the front row! perfect view of Adam's side! brilliant. As the venue filled we saw a stream of famous people pass underneath us - Chris Moyles, Patti Smith (were we in for a treat...?), Noel Fitzpatrick (the super vet!). People have the power came on, and then Bono walks on to the e stage - here we go! Before we know it we are 5 songs in, and then Iris, just amazing. And then UTEOTW - interval already. the Fly starts, and Gavin Friday is below us singing along - surreal! Invisible inside the screen - very clever. More songs on the e stage - mysterious ways sounded great. EBW just beautiful. Then on to the haunting sound of October, anger of BTBS, Zooropa – such a powerful song, didn’t realize what a powerful song it really is. Strange not to have the chorus though! WTSHNN into Pride and WOWY – awesome! Encore – COBL, great, Beautiful day (my least favourite U2 song – sorry!) and then to my favourite – Bad, and then on walks Patti Smith, what a treat! In summary, still amazing live, no one else comes close, on a high all the way home – and still have tomorrow night to look forward to! Show 4 – this time we are on Edge’s side – a few rows higher up. Still a cracking view. Here we go – birthday boy is on fire! Larry’s drumming is just amazing to watch. Electric Co tonight. Sound seems better too. Highlights – again UTEOW, then AIWIY – just great! Think Bono was thrown by it too, as he had to start EBW again, but still delivered an amazing performance. Before we know it, it’s the encore – One this evening. I just wish Bono would sing it – for me it takes the power away as a sing along… However a minor complaint! Another great night – lets hope there is another leg announced soon, I hope I don’t have to wait another 5 years to see U2 again!
  5. hi, Bigwave responded to my post about this - he didn't know whether there was to be a diary this time, but Willie is writing a book on the tour...
  6. thank you for the feedback. I'm sure the book will be great, but it is cool to hear about the shows as they happen
  7. Hi, does anyone know whether Willie Williams will be writing his diary for this tour? I really enjoyed reading his insights into previous tours. Many thanks
  8. Another question! Opinions please - GA or 1st level seating? Which would you choose?
  9. thanks again, will do. yes, I think red zone is sold out for all 4 London dates
  10. Now home, and tried through tunnel bear, bingo! works perfectly... so Big Wave, can I put you on the spot - should I wait for a response re red zone, or pull the trigger on the next best seats? thanks again for your help.
  11. Yes thanks Bigwave, Snap FiL! Also in Dubai tunnel bear VPN at home... ticket master UK and US seem ok though.
  12. Thursday 29th Red Zone if possible, and no BS it is my partners's 40th birthday that day, so she was kind of looking forward to being down at the front!! any assistance greatly appreciated.
  13. Yep, been a member for over 10 years, and have the experience code, with the prefix A, have also commented on the London forum
  14. As per the comments above, I get the whole process to select tickets, did the pre registration, but I have not had the presale code box come up at all - I assumed this would be requested once I had selected the tickets... And now the red zone appears to be sold out which is very frustrating!!
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