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  1. We arrived at 11am. We purposely didn't sit right up against anyone. Many came after us and cut in line. No one was checking numbers after the thin line -where it was still gated, but wider. Why wasn't anyone checking numbers and letting others jump line? When the line moved everyone merged pretty fast & tight, I was pushed out of way. I like the numbers on hand and moderator helping out. About 150 cut. Not happy how was handled. How was wrist bands given out Friday? Things should be consistent and managed by someone for GA. Please advise protocol.
    U2 performed flawlessly. Sounded great as usual and the Screen was amazing! I've seen other concerts at Soldier Field before, and didn't sound good, but U2 sounded incredible! The G.A. line up did not have anyone from Fan Club to assist with line up and heard bracelets were given out on Friday, but info. was posted line up wasn't suppose to start until 6am on Sat. We got in line at 10am and didn't sit up against others in gated area that was wider than the thinner line area. Others came later in afternoon and cut in front of us and security didn't know anything or assist. Soldier Field did not check the bracelet/numbers-disappointed in that. Thankful no issues, but didn't get as close as getting there so early. I can't wait it the next concert!
  2. Thank you for the great info. What gate is the exit after concert? This would be helpful too!
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