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  1. I am super excited to be taking part in a VIP Party experience in New York! In 2015 when I traveled to Dublin to see U2 with a VIP Package there was a VIP Facebook group where I was able to communicate with VIP organizers and other VIP concert goers. Does such a group exist yet or will it exist for this tour?
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    Will The Experience Bus be in Dublin?
  3. I can't believe it! After seeing U2 in concert all over the US I am FINALLY living my dream...and seeing the band in DUBLIN! I want to experience EVERYTHING U2...bonus if I could finally meet the band. (Missed them in NY at the Under a Blood Red Sky cover band performance due to a 5 hour flight delay) Any suggestions during my visit to Ireland that would make this an experience to remember?? Where should I go? What should I see? Where are the pre parties taking place? How do get in? Thanks for the help Zootopia!!
  4. Can't wait for U2 in Dublin! Hoping and praying that I will meet the band....I was so close in New York!

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