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  1. What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    Walk On does it because I was going through a bad time and my marriage was coming to an end. Streets does just because I love the song sooooo much. But when seeing them live it can happen during almost any song.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!!!! Hope u get to really ENJOY yourself
  3. It has become a sad state when U2 fans are being treated in the manner we have. Never thought I'd be saying this
  4. I am not happy with ANY of this. It sucks we haven't gotten our gifts. But I think what bothers me more than ANY of this is how we, the fans, are being treated. Whether it's the subscription gift, the outrageous ticket prices, the total BS of the pre sales. It seems like whichever way we go it stinks!! Sure I don't mind waiting for the gift, but I DO MIND getting screwed on the presales. I just always felt that we mattered to U2 and their posse. But it seems things have really changed and it is NOT for the better!!! Will I ever not love U2? Of course not. But I think my over the top CRAZY may have gone down a couple of notches(much to my surprise).
  5. I agree. Whether it's the promoters, Live Nation or whoever. Own up to his COMPLETE mess!! It would be nice if us Prop members were given some kind of preference, but that definitely is not the case. Yes, newer members are great, but what about us 'old timers'??? I will never give up on U2, but I do have to say this all has left a TERRIBLE taste in my mouth. I will always go see them when they tour, but with these outrageous prices I am extremely limited on how many shows I can go to. I say with much sadness. I still don't have a ticket for any US shows.
  6. Even if all of this is true, it STILL does NOT explain the fact that Bono, Edge, Larry or Adam has not made any type of statement to their fans(none I've seen or heard of anyway). I'm not just talking about the issue of not getting our gifts, but mainly about the HORROR of the presale codes not given in time to be able to use them. The US presales were a DISSASTER!!!!!! And it looks like some of the European were as well. They had plenty of time to fix the problem. I always thought the 'boys' truly cared about us. But I'm beginning to wonder where their loyalty is at the moment. I've been in the fan club for 30 years and it's just NOT the way things have been handled in the past. With that said, I'm still hoping more dates will be added in the US and I will be able to see them again. With the prices soaring I just won't be able to see multiple shows(she says with a VERY sad face).
  7. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    So I still have heard NOTHING!!!! This is such total SHIT!!!! U2.com hasn't answered in over 24 hours. REALLY?????? How can U2, u2.com and anyone else their organization justify this??? 29 years in the fan club and this is how they treat me??? I am so disappointed in them I can't even try to explain it. I say with tears in my eyes
  8. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I have pm'd twice in the last couple of hours. Nothing yet
  9. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I don't understand how after over 6 hours of this crap nothing has changed!!! neither of the pms I sent have even been read. I am getting so PISSED I can't even try to describe it
  10. I was told Bigwave quoted me on a post but can't find it. How do I get it?

  11. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Finally got thru to U2.com. Ana told me that if I got the 2nd email saying I wasn't eligible for the presale, there is NOTHING they can do. They don't know how TM determines if u are or are not eligible. So all I can do now is hope for the Citi-card presale????? She said to go to U2.TMVerifiedfan.com. I just don't get this at ALL. I haven't heard back from a U2.com mod( I know they are really busy, but it's been over 3 hours). Why can't they use someone other than Ticketbastard?? I've asked this for years!! I almost always get screwd on these presales. I REALLY feel let down and soooo discouraged
  12. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Checked spam, pm'd mods, called U2.com NOTHING. PLEASE HELP!!
  13. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    If you didn't use your code yet, it should be good to use later. But with all of this new crap, WHO KNOWS??
  14. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    This makes me sick. System supposed to stop scalpers. They get tickets but us TRUE fans don't. BS